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Adobe has released a new graphic design tool called Adobe Express. This is simple and easy to use making it perfect for beginners. It is also great for digital marketers who want to create their own graphics, like a custom logo, banner, icon and so much more. If you’re looking for a platform to create designs easily from your mobile device, this would be the perfect app for you.

Adobe is a well-known brand when it comes to designing and creating digital marketing material. Document templates for Adobe Photshop Preview, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator are now available as a new functionality on Adobe Express, a graphic design tool that makes it easy for anyone – not only designers to create a wide range of marketing and communications materials.


Now we show you everything you need to know about this amazing app, and the reasons why we think is an amazing option for those who are looking to improve their abilities in graphic design.

What is Adobe Express?

Over a year ago, Adobe created a graphic design tool that is perfect for beginners and amateur designers. Adobe Express is a web-based graphic design tool that lets you create your print and digital marketing campaigns. This app is available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices, and you can also use it from your computer on their web platform.

This tool is easy to use, meaning anyone can use Adobe Express to create effective graphics for for your digital marketing campaigns, for school or for any project that you have, like digital marketing campaigns for your brand or web site, to create presentations, and even to make designs you want to print.

Here's a look at what you can do with Adobe Express:


Easily create designs using templates

By starting to use Adobe Express, users will find more than 2,000 templates pre-designed by professionals in more than 15 formats, which can be freely used to create whatever is needed. Formats range from banner ads, A4 documents, brand logos, school presentations, social media posts and much more.

Thanks to the number of designs and styles available, this application is an excellent tool for students, workers, and entrepreneurs who want their work to stand out by creating visual impact.

All layouts available on this page are editable, and elements can be added or removed using the different drop-out options available in the library. Create logos, invitations, flyers, graphics, presentations and much more.


Includes an amazing photo editor

You can easily add your own photos to your designs by uploading them to the app, but before adding them to any of the templates you like, you can enhance the photos by running them through the comprehensive photo editor the app has to offer. The editor has features to remove the background of images, modify white balance, color correction, contrast and more, resize the image, and even add filters for professional-looking results that you can use anywhere. of your designs.

Adobe Express Photo Editor is packed with Photoshop features, redesigned to be totally easy to use from any mobile device. Add different texture effects to your photos, create GIFs from videos, make animations to add to your posts, add text from a long list of fonts, and much more.

Use royalty-free photos from Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is Adobe's royalty-free photography platform, and you can access all photos through Adobe Express. This gallery includes hundreds of photos that you can freely use in your designs, all of them are of high quality and can also be filtered and edited to make them look exactly the way you want.

Access your creations from any device

If you use Adobe Express on different devices, all created content will be automatically synced so you can continue editing or access your creations from anywhere, including the desktop version. Sync will be turned on by default on all devices where you've opened Adobe Express with your Google or Adobe account.

What you need to know before you start using Adobe Express

Adobe Express is one of the most complete tools for mobile devices that Adobe has created, and that is why it is a payment platform. To freely access the resources offered by Adobe Express, users must pay a monthly subscription, which will be charged through the Google Play or App Store account. However, the app offers a 15-day free trial for users to get to know all the features of the app.

It is also important to know that some of the features are only available for the desktop version, such as video and animation creation features. When you create an animation, GIF or video, it will be saved to your Adobe Cloud account and you can easily use it in the creations you make from your mobile device.

Adobe Express is a tool worth trying, so if you want to create attractive designs for your projects, don't hesitate to download Adobe Express and familiarize yourself with its functions by taking advantage of its free trial.

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  • UpdateSeptember 3, 2022
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