Listening to audiobooks is one of the best options for those who want to enjoy their favorite books, but have little time to sit down and read. That is why today we want to recommend Audible, an app that will allow you to access one of the largest audiobook libraries in the world to listen to all the books you want in an unlimited way. Find out more about this app and start listening to audiobooks every day.

Audible is an online platform where users can find millions of audiobooks, as well as podcasts, short stories and much more content in audio format. This platform is the most popular of its kind thanks to the fact that each of the books is published in high-quality audio and in its extensive library you can find content on all topics and categories.


If you are a book lover and you are looking for a new way to enjoy the titles of your interest, subscribing to audible to have access to its large collection of content will be the best option for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this amazing app.

Audible: the best platform to listen to audiobooks online

Audible is an application that you can download on Android and iOS through Google Play and the App Store to start enjoying the large amount of content that this platform has to offer. This app works as a large online library of content in audio format that users can access through the internet if they have a subscription.

To put it more simply, we can say that Audible is a platform very similar to Spotify, but instead of music, the main content is books in audio format. In addition to being able to access more than 1 million audiobooks, with Audible it is possible to listen to hundreds of podcasts, short stories, interviews and much more.

Audible is the best app to access content that you can listen to at any time of the day, such as in your free time, in the car, on public transport, while exercising and much more. With this app you can enjoy the books you've always wanted to read, but couldn't due to lack of time or for any other reason.


What can you do with Audible?

Audible is a very complete app and now we will show you its most important functions that you can access when you download the app and create your account:

The largest collection of audiobooks in English

Audible has a library of over 2 million audiobooks from almost 20 different categories. Find books on drama, romance, science, history, fantasy and much more by exploring the platform; you can find audiobooks by searching by name or author, or browse the categories and recommendations to find something you like.

Each of the books you'll find on Audible has been recorded by professionals, and you can even find books narrated by their own authors or by celebrities. Forget listening to audiobooks with robotic voices, all the audios have been recorded by real people. Most of the titles that you will find in this app are in English, although it is possible to find some in other languages.


In addition, each of the audiobooks that you will find on Audible has high-quality audio, which you can easily play on your mobile device and use tools such as the audio speed controller to listen at your own pace.

Listen to your favorite podcasts

Audible is also a perfect platform for listening to podcasts, and you can find thousands of titles from various categories. In the podcast section you will find titles on science, art, meditation, religion, comedy, storytelling and much more. You will also find original titles that have been created exclusively for this platform, which you can access with any subscription you have.

Audible podcasts have different time formats so you can listen to what you want at a time that is available to you. In addition to podcasts, Audible has included in its library a collection of short audios, ranging from 2 to 10 minutes, where you can discover interesting stories on the topics that you like the most.

Create your library in Audible

Audible works with two monthly subscription plans that will give you access to its content, the Audible Premium and Audible Premium Plus plans are distinguished by the amount and type of content that its members will have access to, if you are an audiobook lover and podcasts, you'll want to pay for the Plus subscription so you can access original titles and all the books available in your library.

However, if you are just starting to discover audiobooks, the Premium subscription will suffice. Similarly, all new users will have a 30-day trial of Audible to test all the features of the app.

Once you have access to Audible you can start creating your own library, adding new audiobooks to your list every time you find one that catches your attention, as well as Podcasts and stories. Start right now to try everything this app has to offer and enjoy your favorite stories in a different way.

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