Binance is a platform that allows all users to exchange cryptocurrencies. In fact, it stands out for having more than a hundred assets within the platform. In case you want to download Binance, you just have to keep reading this post where we will explain everything about this app.

This is a platform that allows the exchange of more than 100 different cryptocurrencies through this site. You can make the transactions you want, most of them won’t charge any percentage or rate, that is, you will only spend the money that you send, without paying any fee. You can also trade within the platform, buy and sell, regardless of the country you are in. 


Since 2018 it is the most used platform to carry out this type of exchanges, which gives this app a great reputation and reliability. Therefore, if you are looking for a trusty platform and a great place to do trading or exchanges, this is the app for you.

Historical background of Binance

In 2017, Changpeng Zhao was in charge of founding this platform, and named it Binance. Despite the fact that this app was created in China, its founders decided to move to Japan, since according to the law of the Chinese country, it was not possible to continue trading with cryptocurrencies throughout its territory. So, in March of the following year, they managed to establish their offices and servers in Taiwan.

Since 2017, Binance has managed to provide an excellent service related to all cryptocurrency transactions. Although it had certain problems, such as being a victim of hackers in 2019, it has managed to position itself as one of the most important companies in the world.

Currently, it is considered one of the most important platforms, not only because of its reputation, but also because of the number of transactions that are carried out on a daily basis. People know this is a safe place where they can carry out all their transactions and they know their money is safe.


Binance: what makes it important?

We may at first think that it is just a platform with an interface that allows you to carry out cryptocurrency transactions and trading, however, it does not only stay in these aspects. First of all, it offers the alternative of carrying out more than a million transactions or operations every second.

To have more users, and make this platform more attractive to everyone, Binance gives different gifts to its members. You can access the platform through the official application, which is available for both Android and iOS, and from there you can perform operations and check the balance you have.

The moment you proceed to download Binance, you can learn about everything the platform offers, as well as each of the cryptocurrencies. The app has a section for education, so if you don’t know anything, you can easily learn here. 


Most relevant characteristics of Binance

This platform stands out for having a huge amount of cryptocurrencies, as well as it stands out for the trust it has managed to build over all these years. Besides that, it is a very innovative platform, which is updated daily and offers a more personalized services.

You can buy any cryptocurrency you want, save it and sell it when it has a higher value. On the other hand, Binance, has more than 300 cryptocurrencies, and offers a P2P market in which transactions are carried out without the need to pay commission. Since it is always updating, this app has included NFTs, so you can sell and buy them through the platform.

You will have at your disposal more than 150 payment methods, as well as it offers two types of trading. One from the spot market, while the other is from margin and the futures market. Ultimately, you will have passive income and mining, as well as a referral system with which you can earn money.

Security is a fundamental point of Binance, so to use the app you need to perform the respective authentication. In this way. every time you make a transaction, you will receive a code that you must enter so that the platform knows it is you the one using the account.

Binance Comparisons to Coinbase

It cannot be established whether Coinbase or Binance is better in the first place, because each of these platforms offers a unique feature that makes it attractive. First of all, because Coinbase offers all users a welcome bonus, while Binance has low fees.

In other words, both platforms stand out for offering an authentic service, with very easy-to-use interfaces. That is why the best alternative is to start using Coinbase, and after you feel familiar, go on to download Binance and use this platform.

Both can complement each other perfectly, and each one stands out within its scope, but we recommend that you use Binance. Although, if you are a newbie, go to Coinbase to begin to understand everything that has to do with the Exchange.

How to download Binance?

To download Binance, you can access the link that you will find at the end of this post, this will take you to download this application on Android, from the Play Store, or you can also download it from the App Store, through any device that has an iOS operating system.

Binance is a widely used exchange and trading platform today, in addition to offering you a simple and easy-to-use interface, which with practice you will understand perfectly. Download the app and start using it today!

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