In a world of fast communication and expansion, it is important that we learn a new language. No matter if it is for curiosity, traveling, to understand more, or for work, nowadays millions are trying to learn a new language to communicate more efficiently and understand others. But learning a new language is not always so simple, and it can take time. There are many apps to learn new languages and one of the most popular is Busuu, a platform that promises to create a program so you can learn easy and fast.

Learning a new language is not just about learning new words. You need to understand words, know how to pronounce correctly, know how to write it, understand when you read it, how to form sentences, understand how time changes verbs, and so much more. From idioms to references, it is about learning a new culture and a new system of codes for communication. Fortunately for us, we now can have a lot of help online, and with just an app we can learn a lot. Busuu is one of the apps that can help us with this.


What is Busuu, exactly?

Busuu is a platform focused on teaching languages and it has millions of users. You can pick what languages you want to learn and the reason why, this way the app customizes the sentences that are teaching you and prioritize the ones you need the most. The app promises that with only 10 minutes a day, you can go through different levels of the language in just a couple of months. So, it is easy, fast, and simple to study with this app.

To download Busuu right now, you can just tap on the download button that is down below and this will take you straight to the app store you need, Google Play Store or the App Store.

Is Busuu available for free?

Busuu has content that you can access for free, and you can start your journey for free. However, it is limited. You will only have one lesson available per day and you cannot access more than that, also you cannot access all levels. If you want to study more and complete the entire course, then you need to pay for the app. The monthly subscription will allow you to take unlimited lessons, have access to certificates, take tests, no ads, and more.

The app has some features that are always free, like interacting with the community by checking other people’s exercises and chatting with them. Also, you can practice the vocabulary on the app that includes all the important words that you have learned in the lessons.


Compared with other apps, it can be considered that the cost of Busuu is lower than other platforms. However, since it is a premium version and not a monthly subscription, you will have to pay the entire year altogether, which can be a problem if you end up don’t liking it in the future. The best recommendation is to try the app for free and then take advantage of the free trial to decide. Remember to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t like it.

Is Busuu worth it to learn a new language?

This app is one of the most popular in its categories and it has some strong features that compete with similar apps. However, it also has some disadvantages that some people don’t like. Let’s see some pros and cons of this app and compare.


The app is very complete and includes vocabulary, speech, audios, and even games to memorize the words and sentences. It is very simple and from the beginning teaches you things that you can use if you travel or if you are preparing for a job meeting.


Another incredible pro of the app is the community section, not only because you can help other people with their exercises, but they can also check yours. So, you can easily interact with them and know from native speakers what is the best and most accurate way to say something. This is a feature that most apps don’t have and it is very helpful.

Finally, the best pro is that the app allows you to take tests and get certificates from the McGraw Hill Institute. This way, once you reach a level you can prove to someone else that you have reached a certain level in the language that you are learning.


Like many similar apps, Busuu is focused on memory and not on logic. The idea behind the app is that you remember specific sentences and replies, instead of thinking logically how to say it on your own and create your own replies. Even though you can learn a lot through their lessons, it is still limited in this sense.

If you are a beginner in the language, this app is great, but if you are advanced or you want to speak fluidly like a native, this might not be the best app for you. However, we can say that the community feature on the app can sort of help with this issue and allow you to learn new ways to communicate in that language that feels natural and accurate to their way of speaking.

Another con is that for users that cannot or don’t want to pay for the app, Busuu is very limited with its lessons. You can only take one per day, and you cannot take the full course. Compared with other apps, Busuu doesn’t include freemium options, like watching ads in order to access more lessons. Therefore, eventually you will feel obligated to pay if you want to make progress. So, if you are looking for a full and complete app that will teach you for free, this is definitely not it. Even though it is a good start, it will leave you mid-way.

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