Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices to maintain good health and tranquility, and thanks to tools like Calm, it will now be possible to do guided meditations from anywhere using your mobile device. Calm is a meditation app that offers a variety of ways to promote calmness through music, stories, meditations, and more. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy everything that this amazing app has for you.

Calm is one of the best platforms to learn about mindfulness and meditation completely online, and you can do your practices anytime you need. This app is very complete and offers various forms of meditation for different times of the day, new daily meditations, comforting bedtime stories and much more.


Right now we will tell you everything you need to know about this application and all the functions it has to offer you, so we invite you to continue reading this post. Start now to improve your mood, reduce anxiety and sleep better using Calm.

Discover how mindfulness can improve your life with Calm

Meditation is an ancient technique used in many different cultures and has been scientifically proven to be an excellent way to improve concentration, live a more peaceful and grateful life, sleep better, and a long list of other benefits. If you are interested in learning about meditation and don't know where to start, or if you already know about it, but want to implement more practices in your life, Calm will be the perfect app for you.

Calm is an application for mobile devices that you can download through Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS, which will allow you to access different meditation practices, as well as other tools that will help you live a calmer life, improve anxiety, overcome depression and more. This app is designed so that people of all ages can use it.

Find out more about what Calm has to offer you

Here's a look at all the features you'll find when you start using this amazing app.


A meditation for each moment of the day

With Calm you will find a wide collection of guided meditations of different duration, with a maximum of 25 minutes and a minimum of 3 minutes. Each of these meditations has been created by an expert and will help you in different aspects of life. For example, when you start using the app you can do the 7-day gratitude challenge, which consists of a daily meditation for 7 days, which you can do at any time of the day, in which you will learn to be more grateful.

You can also find short meditations to do in the middle of your daily routine, which will allow you to release stress and anxiety to improve your attitude during the day, meditations to increase concentration and be more productive at work and school, and much more. Calm has over 300 different meditations and new daily meditations.

Improve your sleep cycle with fantastic stories

Calm has a collection of specially designed guided meditations to help you fall asleep that you can do at bedtime. However, in addition to these meditations, you will also be able to access a selection of bedtime stories that will help you relax and fall asleep faster.


These stories are narrated by professionals and have different themes for the taste of each user. You will be able to find inspiring stories, tales and fables that are ideal for children, teachings about life and much more.

Focus and relax with Calm's music collection

Calm includes in its library a collection of special music to encourage relaxation and tranquility, which you can use while doing your daily tasks, to relax before bed and even to play in the background if you want to do your own meditations. Calm's music section includes instrumental pieces, nature sounds, tibetan singing bowls and combinations of these 3 types of sounds.

Configure the application to your liking

When you start using Calm to do meditations you will be able to configure and customize the application to your liking with different themes and colors. This will be very comfortable to use during the night or day. Among the settings you can select audio to stop on its own after a certain amount of time, which is ideal for those who use the app's sleep features. You can also create playlists with meditations, music and stories to your liking.

Is Calm a free application?

Although downloading Calm is free, to be able to use this platform you will have to pay a subscription to one of its Premium plans. Calm offers some features in its free version, such as meditations and stories, but they are limited and mostly work as a free trial to the other features of the app.

Calm Premium users will be able to access the entire collection of meditations, stories, music, classes and more, without limits. Start right now to try this app and discover a new way to live a calmer and more relaxed life.

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