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Canva app is a special tool that allows users to create high-quality visual content like documents, posters, social media graphics, and presentations. This app is endowed with a wide library that consists of icons, templates, and illustrations and that allows users to customize the content as per their preference. Although Canva is an app, its services are also available on web applications. Canva serves educators, students and organizations by enabling them to create perfect visually-attracting graphics for various purposes. Canva has a friendly interface that eases accessibility for both amateurs and professionals.

Canvas Main Purpose

Canva app’s main role revolves around providing users with an avenue and a myriad of templates that can help its users develop top-notch professional visual content and graphic designs. This app has managed professionals to move from the traditional graphic designs that relied on the use of software into a modern method of using already-made templates that enable users to unleash their talents and creativity. These templates facilitate the development of visual content that impresses clients. Again, canvas aims at enabling both amateurs and experts to create top-notch graphics for marketing and presentation purposes.

Canvas Efficiency

Canva allows its users to create a wide range of content with higher quality than those made from software. This app is blessed with special features that make it more efficient. For instance, the app has a template library with numerous templates that can be edited to meet users’ purposes. Again, the app has a customization option that allows user to design graphics that directly meet their demands. This app has a friendly user interface that allows a user to navigate with ease, unlike other apps with complex interfaces. Canva app has regular updates that improve its efficiency and performance in general.

Canvas Minimum Requirements

Canva app is available for both Android and iOS device users, a factor that appeals to many users. As mentioned, Canva services can be accessible by app or even web browsers which means users can enjoy quality services without the need to download the app. For one to apply the Canva app, a stable internet connection plus a smartphone with high storage and processing power is required. Additionally, one needs to have a compatible mobile device and if accessing via the web browser, the browser should be compatible too. The availability of Canva on web browsers makes it admirable to many users since they can access the services from anywhere and anytime.

Canva Subscription Fees

Canva has both free and premium modes for its subscribers. The free mode is accessible to all and payment is required for the services. However, the users in this mode do not access all the advanced services accessed by those in the premium mode. The premium mode is a paid subscription plan where subscribers choose whether to subscribe for a monthly package or an annual one. The free plan mode allows subscribers to access only basic features, designs, and templates while premium subscriber users access advanced features that include Canva Pro, premium templates and design tools. Therefore, Canva is flexible since it gives its users the freedom to select a plan based on their financial capability and their preferences.

Comparison between Canva and other Similar Apps

Numerous platforms offer graphic design services just like Canva. For instance, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are prominent pro graphic designs. However, Canva distinguishes itself from these platforms due to its flexibility, accessibility, and simplicity. Illustrator and Adobe platforms offer their services at a very high price tag compared to Canva. Therefore, Canva is not only known for its top-notch services but also affordable prices for its services.

Canvas Missing Features or Problem

Despite the many advantages, Canvas has several weaknesses. Firstly, although this app is endowed with an expanded library with many templates, it does not have as many customization options as some software. Again, the free version of Canva has occasional performance lows and lacks some templates for special graphics.

Final Thoughts

Canva has magically transformed the field of visual content and graphic design by providing creative templates that help its users. This app has a friendly interface that allows anyone to navigate with ease. Canvas has an amazing library with special templates that can be customized to suit your needs. If you want, fantastic graphics and visual content, consider installing the Canvas app.



  • Canva app is endowed with a user-friendly interface that allows subscribers to navigate with ease. The easy-to-navigate interface allows beginners to use the app and even refer it to friends and family members.
  • This app has customization options which help users design their graphic words in different shapes, font sizes, and colours depending on their preferences.
  • Canva has a library of templates of different materials including flyers, presentations, and posters which users can edit according to their needs. The templates are easier to use for both beginners and professionals.
  • Canva has a lot of educational materials that include design courses and tutorials which can be used to upgrade design skills.
  • The Canva app has limited customization. Its templates are highly complex which limits beginners from benefiting. Again, the templates may not allow the user to customize the way they want.
  • This application requires one to have a stable internet connection to access advanced templates. Such conditions limit users in areas with poor internet connectivity.
  • Canvas subscription fees are high which restricts other users from accessing its services, especially in cases where the service needed is not available in the free version.


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Frequently asked questions

I have an Android phone. Can use the Canva app?

Yes. Canva is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Again, even without the Canva app, Canva services can still be accessible via the web.

How can I access material about how to use the Canva app?

Canva has a wide library with tutorials, and reading materials that are accessible for free by the users. These materials can be used to learn how to use the app. Additionally, Canva has online courses, and videos that elaborately teach how to use the app.

Are there subscription fees for the Canva app?

Canva has a free version and a premium version. Users do not need to pay for the free mode but for the premium version, monthly or annual subscription fees are mandatory.


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