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The financial industry has undergone significant development in recent decades. Market growth, globalization, and the internationalization of companies have forced banks to develop more and better products. New technologies have changed the profile of the banking customer.

The financial sector is facing a digitalized, more demanding and, at the same time, more self-sufficient user. The customers are navigating the ocean of oversupply and the possibility of having everything just a click away. Digitalization is forcing banks to improve the customer experience in order to adapt to their needs and build customer loyalty.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking has changed the way people manage their finances. With the advent of smartphones, banking has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Mobile banking apps have become increasingly popular and allow users to access their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills and even apply for loans from the comfort of their homes.

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular mobile banking apps available on the market today: Chase Mobile

Main features of the app

Chase Mobile is the app of the well-known Chase Bank by JPMorgan Chase & Co. This mobile banking app offers users the ability to transfer funds, pay bills and even deposit checks remotely. These are Chase Mobile main functions:

  • Balance checking and transaction history: Check balance quickly and at a glance.
  • Transfer Money: You can easily set up one-time or recurring money transfers between accounts.
  • Enroll in wire transfers: Activate the Chase Mobile app to send money orders and add recipients
  • Digital Wallet: Add your Chase cards to your digital wallet in the Chase Mobile.
  • Bill Payment:  Add a Payee
  • Bill Pay:  Schedule a payment
  • Quick Deposit: Deposit checks by simply taking a picture of the check with your smartphone camera.
  • Paperless statements: Digitally access up to seven years of statements. So, you don’t have to print statements any longer.
  • Account Alerts:  Set up alerts to monitor your balance, deposits and more.

Other Functions

1. Account consolidation: One cool thing about the Chase app is that no matter how many accounts you have, they’re all consolidated into one easy-to-use interface. You can see your account balances, review recent transactions, and even set up custom alerts. It’s essentially a centralized hub to help you stay organized and on top of your finances.

2. Credit Journey Tool: Chase Mobile app helps you understand your credit score and the factors that affect it.

With its Credit Journey tool, you can:

  •  View your Vantage Score (updated weekly)
  • See how your credit score stacks up against others
  • Use the Score Simulator to see how certain activities would impact your credit score
  • Track your total credit balance, credit card utilization, and late payments
  • View a complete history of your credit score since signing up for Credit Journey
  • Get customized insights on how to improve your score

Besides, anyone can use the Credit Journey tool for free — even if you’re not a Chase customer.

3. Redeem Rewards, Offers, and Deals: You can review your credit card benefits inside the app, as well as transfer and redeem rewards. Simply choose what you want to redeem your points for — cash, travel, gift cards, or Chase offers — and the app will take care of the rest.

4. The Budget Planner: As you spend money throughout the month, it’s all consolidated into a pie chart so you can see how close you are to going over budget.

Spanish version

Chase customers who prefer to bank in Spanish can now manage their finances from their smartphones, wherever they are.  The Chase Mobile App is now available in Spanish on both iPhone and Android platforms. 

All in all

Chase Mobile is one of the most popular mobile banking applications available today. It offers a variety of features that make banking easy and convenient. The Chase app is more than just an account management tool. It's packed with many bonus features to help you improve your finances — from a built-in budget planner to a daily snapshot tool that gives you spending insights at a glance.



  • Easy and free to use.
  • Manage all your Chase accounts in one place.
  • Free credit monitoring.
  • Tools to help you build good financial habits.
  • No in-app chat feature.
  • Most features are only available for Chase customers.
  • Dark mode not available.

Chase Mobile

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Frequently asked questions

What security features are in place to protect my account information online?

Chase Online Banking uses encryption methods to protect your personal information like user IDs, passwords and account information over the Internet. The security of your personal information is always a priority at Chase.

Does Chase Mobile App have a fee?

No, It doesn't. It’s free to use and download.

How do I log out of the Chase Mobile App?

The Chase app should automatically log you out after you exit the app or are inactive for a few minutes.


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