We all need a browser to navigate through the internet and find all the information we need. There are different options in the app market, but we recommend you today to download Ecosia. This is an app that will plant trees for every search that you do and it will keep private all your research and pages. It is an amazing option if you want to preserve the environment and also keep your data safe.

Ecosia is a very popular app that everybody is using right now as their browser or navigator. This app offers a lot of the basic and even more fundamental and important tools so you can research all the information you need. Once you download this app you won’t only be able to look for pages you need, but also you contribute to the reforestation program and different countries.

So, if you want to know more about this app and all the things you can do with it, keep reading this post to find out all the features that this app has to offer you. Also, at the end of the post, we will explain to you how to download Ecosia just by following some simple steps on your device.

All the things you can do with Ecosia

As we mentioned before, this app is very popular and a lot of people love it. The reason is because the company shows real interest in the project. However, they also offer great features and a really good browser that everybody can use. So, the first important thing to know is that it is very intuitive and anybody can download this app and start contributing.

In this app you will be able to make all your researches, like any other browser. It will show you different results and you can tap on any of the options you want. Also, you will be able to save some important information or pages as favorites or bookmarks, just like other browsers. As for the basic features, this app has everything covered, so you don't have to worry about features or characteristics missing.

So, since its features are very similar to any other browsers, let's take a look at the project behind Ecosia and how exactly works. Keep reading to find out what is all about the company, how can you contribute and so much more on this post.

How this app work?

Every time you make a research and uses this app, you will be helping to plant more trees. Ecosia donates around their 80% of their profit organizations around the world that works with reforestation and climate change. So, if you use it and search all your information there, this app will make money through that which will be donated.

Another incredible thing is that this company believes in transparency to gain everybody's trust. So every 6 weeks they share through the platform their income, donations they made and how their money is managed. So, in this way everyone can see that the company is not taking any money made from the project. Except, of course, for the payment of workers and other office-work related services.

Finally, the most important thing is that this browser takes very serious you privacy. With Ecosia you won't have much issues with pages tracking you down and your information, you can rely on this browser and be sure that everything is protected. The pages you look, your personal data and files are completely protected with this browser.

So, as you can see, this app is really good and it can help you to do so many things while supporting the environment. If you want to know how to download Ecosia, keep reading this post to find out how. Follow the instructions below step by step and you will be able to get the app easily.

How to download Ecosia?

If you want to download Ecosia right now on your device you just need to tap on the download button of this post. This will take you to another page where you just need to choose your device system, Android or iOS, and then it will take you to the right app store for your smartphone. Once it’s done, just tap on the download button, and accept the terms and conditions. Wait a few minutes and the app will be ready to use.

This app is completely free, so you can download it and use it without any problem.


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