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We can all agree that getting information on the Internet can be both overwhelming, time-consuming, and even messy. For those, like myself, who think this is just the way the Internet is supposed to be, there’s an awesome tool out there that can make the whole catching-up-with-everything experience much easier and better. It’s called Feedly, an RSS reader that gathers updates from different websites in one platform, simplifying the process of staying informed and organized within the Internet chaos.

  • Enhancing your reading experience

You can use Feedly on your computer using desktop apps or Chrome and Firefox extensions, with a guaranteed seamless integration with your browser. Also, you can stay connected to the info you care about by getting the app on your iPhone (as Feedly – Smart News Reader) or Android (as Feedly – Smarter News Reader). This way, you can access your synchronized content on the go and avoid missing out on important updates.

Feedly developers wanted to create the best RSS reader available, and the more than 15 million users worldwide are proof they have greatly succeeded.

Apart from being simple and user-friendly (and loading fast!), Feedly is highly customizable. It lets you personalize your reading experience by choosing among different viewing modes (expanded, card or magazine view), themes, and layout settings.

  • Using Feedly

Feedly is all about sources and feeds. In short, these are the steps you need to follow to start using the app:

1- Add feeds: create and name your feeds (the free plan lets you add up to three). These are like folders or categories, for example “Well-being”.

2- Add sources to the feed: these are the content that’ll go into the feeds. You can add them by pasting a website’s URL or by using the search feature (if available).

3- Read on! You’ll see the latest published content right in your dashboard.

  • Finding the ideal plan for you

Feedly is available to everyone, offering tailored plans to suit all needs including Free, Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise. In a nutshell, these are the main points of each:

  • Free Plan: it’s the basic, plain reader, with which you can follow up to 100 sources on the web or mobile apps. Note that it’s ad-supported. Still, it has everything a casual user can ask for.
  • Pro Plan: this upgrade allows you to get rid of ads and unlock more features such as access to many more feeds (up to 1,000!), Power Search and integration with third-party apps to save and share, such as Facebook, Evernote, OneNote, Zappier and more. Other premium benefits are notes, highlights, fonts, and exclusive support.
  • Pro+ Plan: includes everything in the Pro plan, plus cutting-edge features. Feedly AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze millions of sources and filter out the ones that best match your criteria. RSS Builder allows you to make custom feeds for those websites without RSS and track them in Feedly.
  • Enterprise Plan: with access to up to 7,500 feeds, this tier builds on the Pro+ Plan to meet the specific needs of your team or organization, providing advanced AI features that’ll help you stay ahead.
  • The bottom line

Feedly is a versatile and essential tool for users of all levels. Whether you’re someone who occasionally dips into online reading and who can profit from a unified view of all your favorite websites or an advanced, seasoned user seeking to unlock the full range of features offered by RSS readers, Feedly has something to offer, adapting to your needs and wants. Its user-friendly interface, personalized features, and multiple subscription plans make it a must-try app for anyone looking to boost their access to online news consumption and remain well-informed.



  • The interface is easy to navigate.
  • The premium plans are not that expensive.
  • Saved content is accessible offline.
  • The free version is ad-supported.
  • There’s no search function in the free version.
  • There are limited sources available in the free version.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I save articles to read later?

Yes, Feedly’s bookmark feature allows you to save your favorite articles to read whenever you want.

Can I organize my content with Feedly?

Yes, with Feedly you can categorize and use tags to group your content according to your preferences.

How do machine learning features improve Feedly?

Machine learning-assisted features help user who follow many feeds filter out unwanted results.


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