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Fiverr is an Israeli multinational company founded in 2010 with the aim of connecting freelance providers with buyers looking for their services. Simply put, it is a marketplace of freelance online services. Since its creation, it has grown to be one of the most popular websites for people looking to sell their services online to buyers all over the world.


Those looking to sell their online services can complete their profile and offer their services on Fiverr for free. If their offer matches a search from a buyer, they will be contacted to complete the task. Once the job is done, the payment for the seller is released.


Those in need of a particular service can look for professionals qualified to provide it. On Fiverr, you can filter providers based on the deadline and budget you have assigned for that particular job. The good thing for buyers is that they know the price upfront and pay per project, not an hourly rate.

Fiverr Pro

Those with access to Fiverr Pro have access to top-quality professionals. Sellers on Fiverr Pro belong to a selected group of freelancers who have worked for some of the most important brands worldwide. The Fiverr Pro catalog provides better and bigger projects to sellers and the best professionals to buyers.

Categories on Fiverr

Fiverr has a very wide range of categories and subcategories where you can classify the services you provide. Here are some of the categories and subcategories you can find on the website:

Graphics & Design

Digital Marketing

Writing & Translation

Video & Animation


Programming & Technology

Logo design

Paid social media

Articles and blog posts

Video editing

Online tutoring

Website development

Website design

Social commerce

Website content

Visual effects

Language lessons


Icon design


AI content editing

Logo animation

Game coaching

Chatbot development

Portraits and caricatures

Email marketing

Book editing

Text animation

Meal plans

Custom websites

Pattern design

Public relations


Social media videos

Workout plans

Chain analysis

Architecture and interior design

Marketing strategy


Music videos

Mindfulness coaching

User testing

Prices and payment (and commissions)

On Fiverr, prices are set per project. There are no hourly rates available. That means that buyers know upfront what they will be paying for the service they are hiring. Once the job is done and the buyer is satisfied and approves the delivery, the payment for the seller is released.

Fiverr works with several payment methods to make it easier for sellers to charge for their work. Transfers for services provided can be done through the following means: PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit, and Payoneer Account. It is important to highlight that some options mentioned may not be available depending on the seller’s location. Another thing to take into account is the commissions. Fiverr keeps between 5% and 20% of the final price paid for the service provided. The commission varies depending on the job and the level of the seller.

Articles and community

One of the key points worth mentioning about Fiverr is the community of professionals they have developed. On their website, you can find several resources available for freelancers, as well as for businesses:

Blog posts: you can find blog posts dedicated to helping freelancers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Online courses: They also provide online courses led by professionals that users can leverage to advance their careers.

Podcasts: users have access to podcasts where professionals provide advice and teach about various subjects.

Events: Fiverr organizes both personal and virtual events where professionals can learn a new skill and connect. There are also recordings from previous events available on demand.

Forum: There is also a forum where Fiverr users can find out about the latest news and interact with other users.



  • Sell your services online and from home.
  • Have access to buyers from all over the world.
  • Access tons of resources to help boost your career or business.
  • 5%-20% commission on your work.
  • Best jobs available for Pro professionals.
  • Get paid only after the buyer confirms they are satisfied with the result.


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Frequently asked questions

When do I get paid for a service I provide?

Freelancers are paid only after the buyer receives the product and confirms that they are satisfied with the result.

Are the resources aimed at freelancers only?

No. The resources provided by Fiverr, such as courses, articles, and podcasts, are available for freelancers and business owners, that is, for sellers and buyers.

How do I access Fiverr Pro?

In order to have access to Fiverr Pro, you must have a Fiverr Pro account.


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