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This is an app to listen and host podcasts, the same application belongs to the giant Google company. Through this platform you can listen to all your favorite podcasts, no matter the genre, subject or topic of conversation. For this reason, we recommend you to download Google Podcasts and explore everything that this platform offers you for free.

What is Google Podcasts exactly?

As mentioned, it is an application that has been developed by Google, where you can find different types of podcasts. What are podcasts? Basically, like a radio show, but with different topics or subjects and generally without music. In this app you can find all your favorite podcasts, since most of the people who are dedicated to this decide to upload their content to this platform. It can be said that it is a kind of streaming service, which is responsible for storing all podcasts in one place.


Historical background of Google Podcasts

Before you download Google Podcasts, you can learn a little more about the history of this application. In the first place, it was created in 2018. In September of the same year, they decided to add the support known as Google Cast. It was not until 2019, that an online web platform was created, where you can enjoy the content offered by this platform from your desktop. It was in this same year where it was possible to have the application for iOS since, at the beginning, there was only one version for Android.

Most relevant features of Google Podcasts

If you want to download Google Podcasts, you will have to know that this platform offers you different features that make it unique and different. First of all, it is very easy to use, and its purpose is to dethrone applications such as Pocket Casts and Ivoox. A very positive aspect is that you can see all the content that this platform offers you without having to log in since it is automatically synchronized with your Gmail account.

Another great feature is that this application allows you to listen to the podcasts through streaming, although you can also download and save them on your mobile device. In this way, you can listen to them whenever you want, even if you do not have an internet connection. The app has also a speed selector, in which you can increase the speed when you consider it convenient, and so listen to all the podcasts in less time.

You can skip silences and move forward, as well as rewind more than 5 seconds or move forward the audio more than 20 seconds. All the content that you will find there is established by themes and categories, so it is very easy to find it.


One of the platforms that manages to compete with this is Ivoox, however, users have liked the intuitive interface of Google Podcasts much more. The most attractive thing about this platform is that you can see all the content that is offered there, for free. Currently, there is no alternative to pay, unlike what happens with other applications, such as Ivoox.

Benefits of having Google Podcasts

It has managed to integrate artificial intelligence within its platform, in order that each of the users have fully personalized recommendations. That is, the application takes care of your preferences, and based on it, you choose those recommendations that you may like.

On the other hand, it allows you to download all the episodes you want, which you can listen to whenever you want even without having an internet connection or without having mobile data. You will be able to access the section “in progress”, and there keep an eye on the percentage of each one of the downloads. By synchronizing automatically, this application doesn’t require any sign up, nor will you need to log in. As for its navigation, it is considered that it is basic, but also easy, so you will have no major problem in understanding its platform.


In addition, you can subscribe to the podcast you want and save it, in order to follow each episode that is published and not miss any. It is an excellent alternative both for uploading podcasts, and for those who decide to listen to them, since it is one of the most important applications on this subject.

Google Podcasts Comparisons with Pocket Casts and Player FM

Pocket Casts is characterized by being a widely used application on Android devices. Although it is paid, it offers great content, as well as an excellent variety. Its functions include changing the volume, speed and lowering background noise. Although Pocket Casts has great functions, we recommend downloading Google Podcasts, especially because it is available for both iOS and Android, but that's not all, it is completely free, unlike Pocket Casts.

When comparing Google Podcasts with Player FM, the latter has good content, and even has a free version where the ads won’t make an appearance. However, by having access to the paid version, you can have more advantages, such as synchronization and the playlist. Although it is true it has great advantages, Google Podcasts offers all these services completely free of charge, so, without a doubt, among these three options, the best alternative is to download Google Podcasts.

How to download Google Podcasts?

You can download Google Podcasts through your smartphone. If you want a quick download, go to the download button below this post. This is a direct shortcut that will take you to the right app store for you, and from there, you can install the app.

Another option is to open the app store on your device, search the app by its name and tap on the install button. Then accept the conditions and wait. You will have the app installed in a couple of seconds.



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