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IMPORTANT: Google Primer no longer exists. Google decided to shut down the app and the website in 2023. To find educational content, you may use Grow with Google.

The world is in constant movement and time flies by and every time we want to sit down to learn something new it's difficult because it's already dark. If you are an entrepreneur, have a business or just like business and digital marketing topics, I present the Google Primer app. It's a tool designed to offer short and easy to understand lessons to keep you updated with the latest news, to achieve business success and learn new strategies.

Boost your mind and your business

As I said earlier the days are flying by, and it feels like there is less and less time to learn something new, but with this app you will have no problem incorporating it into your day and your life. It features short lessons of no more than five or ten minutes, with simple paragraphs that will give you very useful information on a specific topic or explore several key areas. 

Launched in 2015 by the great company Google, it has become a revolutionary educational tool. It allows in a flexible and accessible way at any time to review the topics you want and throughout the lessons previously made small tests that allow you to visualize and apply the contents practically are offered. Not forgetting that all lessons and topics are based on current concepts. 

Things you can do in the app

You will be able to train and improve your study plan with its short and practical lessons. The units are divided into four groups: content, metrics, strategy, and advertising.

Here are some of its main features:

  • All lessons are interactive with practical activities and real examples to reinforce your knowledge.
  • Short and concise lessons, allowing you to learn a concept in a quick and simple way.
  • The app allows you to save the process as you go along.
  • It has an offline mode to download the lessons when there is no Internet access.
  • Regularly updated
  • Multi-language support for people from different regions and cultures
  • It has a wide variety of topics

Google Primer is an innovative source of knowledge and offers the opportunity for students, entrepreneurs, and managers to learn about the world of marketing or business in a simple and fast way.

Download it now

The app is suitable for Android and iOS devices. Depending on your operating system, you should go to the Play Store or App Store, search for the app and download it. You should know that it's totally free, and you will not make any purchase inside the app. Once installed on your phone, you can register using your Google account and then you can log in. And that's it, you will be able to search for the topic that interests you the most and learn, as easy as that.

Master success with a click

In a fast, accessible and effective way you can learn all the topics that cross your mind about marketing and business. It shows us how technology has advanced in such a way that it can provide us with simple tools for everyone on such timely and constantly updated topics. In addition, if you do not have much time, it's an easy way to learn, and it adapts to any moment, wherever you are.

This app is free and works on all devices. It is better than other apps because you can use one button to explore a new world. I recommend you give it a chance to improve your work or just to be informed, you will not regret it.



  • You can download the lessons for offline access.
  • Within each section, you will find quizzes and hands-on activities to reinforce knowledge.
  • Regularly updated to include the latest trends.
  • Limited content compared to longer courses.
  • Some complex topics may not be covered in sufficient detail, due to short lessons.
  • Does not offer live instructions or discussion forums.

Google Primer

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Frequently asked questions

What topics are covered in Google Primer?

It has a wide variety of topics such as digital marketing, sales, data analytics, business strategies etc.

Does Google Primer offer certificates or accreditations?

No, it does not offer formal certificates or accreditations. It's only designed for hands-on learning

Are the lessons in Google Primer completely free?

Yes, it is free to download and offers no in-app purchases or subscription.


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