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Every software, every app, and basically everything that we see online is made through programming. With all the technology we have now and the constant development of tools and apps, it is more needed than ever for people that know about coding. Currently, this is one of the most demanded and well-paid careers, and a lot of people are gaining interest in it. But, honestly, learning how to code can be challenging, and a little bit overwhelming too, especially if you are just starting.

Programming is like learning a new language, and it takes a while to understand how it works. However, now we have some tools that can help us to learn in a simple way, almost like playing. Of course, we are talking about Grasshopper, an app developed by Google that aims to teach programming in such a simple way that everybody can learn with it. But, can we actually use this app to learn how to code? What are the limitations? Is it all for free? Can we download Grasshopper easily? Let’s answer all of these in this post.

What can you learn with Grasshopper?

This app, as we mentioned, is developed by Google and it is focused only on teaching Javascript. The method is very simple and fun since the app gamifies the experience, so you don't even feel like studying. It has lessons, theories, and exercises that you need to solve, and through them, you will learn the basics of programming with Javascript.

The app is targeted at beginners and advanced people, and the app tries to teach from the most basic elements to the most advanced and complicated. However, even though the app is fun and entertaining, it seems more fitting for beginners and people that have no experience with Javascript or programming at all. Even when the app includes advanced exercises and lessons, it is probable that most advanced students won’t find it so helpful.

If you want to download Grasshopper right now, you just need to tap on the download button that we left down below this post. This is a shortcut that will redirect you to the app store you need, Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you are there, tap on the install button and wait a few minutes until the app is completely installed on your device.

Is Grasshopper worth it to learn Javascript?

As we mentioned, this app is great for all beginners that want to start learning more and more about programming. The app is definitely worth it to know how it works and gain the basics. Also, as it feels and it is designed like a game, people can get more invested with learning new lessons and reaching new levels of it.

Something great about this app is that it works with labels, or just bank spaces, where you need to write or just choose the right word to complete the code. This is an easy way and very efficient method to learn quickly the right words to use and where to put them. So, if you are interested in learning how to program with Javascript, this app is definitely a good option to teach all the basics and learn more about the process.

Is the app available for free?

Grasshopper is available to download for free, and you can use it completely free too. So far, the app offers all levels without limitations and everybody can access all the content on it without paying anything. It is a great option and a good tool to start on this journey without having to pay for the information.

What are the Pros and Cons of this app?

There are many pros of this app, as we mentioned some of them during this post. However, there are certain cons that are interesting to keep in mind, especially if you want to learn Javascript for a job or to improve your resume. Let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages.


The app is very simple to use and understand. Since it goes from the most basic to complex subjects, it is a great tool that people that are interested in it can use without getting lost. The app guides you through different levels and explains to you every single thing so you can understand how to code easily.

The game experience is another pro because a lot of people get hooked up learning more and more and wanting to level up or just take another lesson. The design, animations and illustrations are also appealing for young people, which can be a plus for kids and teenagers that want to learn how to program.


Even though this is a great app to learn all the basics, it can be considered that it is not the best for advanced students. This is because the app has a method that is great for beginners, but that can be challenging and even detrimental to advanced. In Grasshopper you don’t actually get to code fully, we just fill in the blank spaces with the right words while we learn. But the app doesn’t allow you to add the rest of the symbols, which are extremely important for programming.

A big part of learning how to code is to learn how to spot mistakes and know how and when to place the correct symbols. Since the app gives you all the symbols already in place, students have no a chance to learn how to place them correctly and make mistakes on the process. Every programmer knows the importance of this and that the only way to learn how to fix a code, is by learning through mistakes and double checking your work.

Other than that, this app is an incredible tool for beginners and people that is interested in this. As soon as you download this app you will be able to start learning Javascript in a simple way!

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