HBO Max is a platform that offers a streaming service to all users. To have access to it, it is necessary to have a subscription and pay the corresponding monthly payment for this service. Obviously, you can download HBO Max and see all the content it offers through your mobile device, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android.

It is a streaming platform, but it is not like the others since you will find content that you previously enjoyed on cable television, as well as totally new and unreleased content. HBO Max is the one in charge of providing all the content offered by partner companies, such as DCU, HBO Go, HBO Now, and of course, Warner Bros.

The most relevant thing about this new platform is that it offers content for all people and ages. You will find in the app series, documentaries, films and even reality shows and concerts. According to the developers of this platform, the HBO Max interface is only the beginning of the brand's renewal. Therefore, if you want to enjoy new content, or your favorite Warner Bros shows, what you have to do is download HBO Max.

HBO Max: features and reasons to download

You can access all the content offered by HBO Max from any device, be it Android or iOS. But, to have full access you will need to buy a subscription to be able to watch all the titles offered. In this aspect it can be compared with other applications or similar streaming platforms. For each account, we will have access to 5 screens, plus you can download as many episodes of your favorite series as you want. So there are no limitations regarding downloads.

On this platform, we can find high-quality productions, such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos or even Euphoria. It is worth mentioning that these three series are original and exclusive HBO Max titles, so you won’t be able to see them on another platform. If you like them, then you definitely need to download the app. Also, you will find popular titles, like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Space Jam, Looney Tunes, and so much more.

A curious fact, and something very unique of this app, is that it shares with us film productions that have just been released for movie theaters, so you can watch the brand new movie without having to go to the movies, just by accessing HBO Max.

Many users say that their video experience is unique, because it always has a quality in terms of video and audio that allows you to perfectly enjoy the movie or series you are watching. In addition, it does not stand out for using a lot of internet, but with an average connection, you will be able to see any title with great quality.

Benefits of using HBO Max

The first benefit that can be seen is that you can have up to five profiles for each premium account, each of these profiles can be customized as the user wishes. We can not only change the name, but also the photo, either by choosing one from the gallery or our favorite character from the HBO Max network, including Warner Bros. Something unique on the app is that you can change the theme colors, and each profile can have its own theme.

Each of the profiles is unique and personalized, therefore, you can see that when viewing different content, the platform is responsible for making exclusive recommendations for that user. These recommendations are based on the content that has been watched on your profile. Now, it is allowed to have three broadcasts simultaneously, and you can register the number of mobile devices you want.

We must remember that it also has different television channels, so we are not only going to enjoy the best productions from HBO or Warner Bros, but also from CNN, TNT and New Line. And in terms of content for children, it has one of the most popular channels, such as Cartoon Network. According to its developers, they also decided to improve children's content, and of course, parental controls.

HBO Max Comparisons to Netflix

In case you have decided to download HBO Max, it is necessary that you keep in mind the advantages that the platform has over Netflix, as well as the disadvantages. Price wise, HBO Max offers a lower price on its standard plan, unlike Netflix's premium plan.

On the other hand, in terms of the catalog, there is a lot of similarity, because both streaming platforms are responsible for offering quality content, and movies and series that have become the best in the world. However, Netflix currently has a much broader schedule of productions than HBO Max.

Regarding compatibility, both HBO Max and Netflix work perfectly on the same devices. Finally, in reference to image quality, both platforms have content with 4K quality and the overall quality of the productions is very good.

How to download HBO Max?

In case you want to download HBO Max to enjoy all the shows and movies it offers, the first thing you should do is enter the Play Store, from your Android device. There, look for the application, and proceed to tap on install. You just have to wait a few minutes and that’s it, you can use it. In the case of iOS, you will do the same procedure, only instead of accessing the Play Store, you will access the App Store.

On the other hand, you also have the option of looking at the end of this post, this button will take you directly to the app store so you can download the app immediately. Once you have the app, you can pay the respective HBO Max subscription and start watching all the exclusive content that this platform has.

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