There are so many social networks today that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to use. You have Facebook to share with your friends, Twitter to write your ideas, YouTube and TikTok for your videos, Instagram for pictures, blogs to post and read. But what if you could do all of those things with one app? Luckily there is one like this, and it is Helo. A relatively new social network  originated in China that already has more than 50 million users. Download Helo and you will never get bored with your social networks.

In Helo feed you can get people with the same interests, share, read, upload videos and photos, discover new users and ideas, you can even earn money! There is so much you can do with Helo, that you should definitely try it. In this post we will tell you a little about this great app.


Helo is an app that emerged in China and was founded by the same creator of TikTok. Although currently the majority of its users are Asian, the app continues to grow globally. Currently has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. Helo will allow you to express yourself as a content creator, being able to capture your ideas, thoughts and creativity through video publications.

You can also receive in your feed the latest trends so that you get large doses of entertainment. The feed is designed to show you post and ideas that follow your tastes and the content that you usually consume. Although it may seem that you have already heard these features on other apps, the app has different details and features that will be quite attractive to you. One of those is the opportunity for the user to earn money online.

How Helo Works?

Helo shows you a main panel or feed where you can do a scan to the news. So you will find out everything they are sharing with those who follow and see the topics that are trending. This is a section similar to Facebook news, where you can scroll to see the most recent and relevant posts of your friends or existing content on this network. You can share Instagram-style photos, and also upload status or song videos like you would with TikTok.

Helo has its own platform for uploading and sharing videos. So these are quite varied and popular on this social network. If you want to share a video, you can add fun filters, music and stickers to make them more creative. To watch the videos that are shared by other users, you can easily scroll through a panel to see the most relevant by accessing them very easily. In addition, Helo has a save button with which you can download the content you want. Either photos or videos, to your device so that you can view them at any time or share them on other social networks.


But if your interests are into blogs, articles and writings, Helo allows you to load any text publication in a very simple way so that others in the social network can read, save and share it. You can also configure notifications to not miss any of the content you like or chat conversations. To enter this section you will see a tab on the main screen of the app. You will also have a tab to manage your account and thus configure all your preferences and profile information. You as well have an option where you can see the people you can follow.

With Helo you can make money

One of the characteristics that most differentiates Helo from other social networks is the simple way in which you can make some coins. Without anything elaborate, without tedious conditions, all by simply using and sharing the app. By doing some simple activities, the app rewards you with Helo coins, these can then be exchanged for real money.

Just by opening the app daily you can receive compensation in coins from the app. Activities as easy as Invite friends to download and use the app will be paid with coins. For this, the app will give you a referential link where your friends can enter and register in the app. If, in addition, these friends continuously use the app for 14 days then you will be remunerated.


You can also read some articles and text posts that are shared in the app. If you take a look at them for 1 minute you will receive about 10 coins, if instead you last reading for about 20 minutes you can get up to 100 coins. This same modality works with different videos that you can watch for 1 or 20 minutes.

These earnings can be shared with friends. You can do it through Whatsapp, and more than doing it as something disinterested, by sharing your earnings you can get up to 150 coins in exchange for that.

By completing any of these activities, the coins will be added to your Helo Wallet, then you can redeem it for real money.

How to download Helo?

Helo more than a social network, is an app where you can not only have fun and talk with friends, but also make money while using it. To have all these features in a single app, you only have to download Helo.

If you have a device with an Android operating system in versions later than 4.1 Jelly Bean, you can get the app from the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone with an iOS operating system higher than 11.0, you can download the app from the Apple App Store.

Helo is a free app so you don't need to enter any payment details to download and install. After downloading you can create your account or sign in on an existing one. Start now to use Helo and discover this new social networks with a lot of new features.

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  • UpdateJune 24, 2020
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