Would you like to enjoy a good book anywhere reading from your mobile device? This is possible with Kindle, the Amazon reading app that will allow you to read any book you like in the easiest way from your Smartphone or Tablet. With Kindle reading on digital screens is more comfortable, fully customizable and you can carry your entire library in your pocket. Find out more about everything Kindle has to offer.

Kindle is a mobile application developed by Amazon, originally designed for Kindle reading devices. In order for more people to have access to reading, the company published a version for Android and iOS that you cannot miss if you like to read. Kindle is very complete and has a large number of tools that make reading eBooks more comfortable from any device.


If you want to know more information about this app, we invite you to read this post. Right now we show you everything you need to know about Kindle for mobile devices, its most important features and how you can start using it right now.

Discover Kindle, the best app to read ebooks on Android and iOS

Kindle is the redesigned version for Android and iOS devices of the popular Amazon reading device app of the same name. If you don't know them, Amazon Kindle devices are special screens for reading eBooks, which are intended to be as similar as possible to real books.

The idea of ​​creating Kindle for conventional smartphones and tablets was to integrate most of the functions of the original app to provide the best comfort when reading a digital book. That is why Kindle has positioned itself as one of the best tools available to read ebooks on Android and iOS, and has been improved to offer the best features on each of these operating systems.

In addition, through Kindle you can access the largest eBook library in the world, with more than 2 million digital books, from different categories and in more than 5 languages.


The best features kindle has to offer

Here are some of the things you'll find when you start using Kindle on your mobile device:

The best collection of eBooks

Kindle has one of the largest collections of eBooks that you can easily access from your mobile device by signing in with your Amazon account. Although most of the books are paid, the price is much lower than physical books, and many free titles can also be found.

On Kindle you will find more than 15 categories of books, including children's literature, romance novels, crime novels, fiction, youth, science books, cookery, art and much more. You can search for the title you want to read through the search engine, or explore the categories to discover titles that interest you.


Buy your favorite ebooks easily

Buying books is very simple, you just have to add them to your cart, make the payment and they will automatically appear in your library. With free titles, all you have to do is add the title to your library. While most Kindle books are in English, you can also find titles in Italian, Spanish, French, and more.

If you're not sure whether to buy a title, Kindle gives you access to the first chapter of each title so you can see if you're really interested in the book or not.

Sync all your devices

In one of its latest updates, Kindle included a feature that allows its users to sync their library across all devices that their Kindle account is open on. In this way it is possible to start reading a book and continue it exactly where you left off.

In each of the ebooks you will be able to see a progress bar that fills up while you read; Using the Whispersync function, the progress bar will fill up on all the devices where you have your account open so you can continue reading anywhere. This means you can also read from your Windows or Mac computer, Apple or Android tablets, and Kindle or Amazon Fire devices.

Set up Kindle to read on any screen

Kindle has a wide variety of functions that will allow you to read in the most comfortable way on any Smartphone or Tablet screen. The app will automatically set the text size to fit your screen, but you can increase or decrease the font size to whatever you prefer. You can also change the screen brightness and background color to make it more comfortable to read in dimly lit or brightly lit places.

Among the other tools that Kindle offers you can find a dictionary to look up the meaning of words directly from the text, a function to underline the fragments that seem important to you and a search engine to find exactly what you are looking for more easily.

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