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Life360 is a special app that allows groups and families to make safe communications amongst themselves. This app allows people to share their location with others. When this app is installed on a smartphone, it sets geo-fences which can be used to track someone. For instance, through this app, it is easier to know when a family member arrives at work or school. Similarly, this app can be fitted in cars to enable one to monitor the location of their car at any moment. Additionally, this app reports crashes or emergencies to the owner. Life360 promote a sense of connectivity and security since it allows tracking, provides real-time location and allows family members to message.

Life360 Main Purpose

Life360’s main mission is to enhance safe communication between groups or family members. This app is endowed with a tracking feature that provides the real-time location of family members, thereby guaranteeing their safety. For instance, through the use of this app, parents can monitor their children’s whereabouts at any time and in case they are in danger, the app can guide the parents to the actual location of their children. Life360 is also mandated to allow family members to message one another through its advanced messaging system. More importantly, this app has emergency assistance features that help users to require assistance when in danger.

Life360’s Efficiency

This app’s efficiency lies in its ability to offer accurate location services to its users. The users enjoy real-time and accurate updates on the location of their loved ones. Besides, its messaging system is efficient since it provides users with reliable communication means that allow free and safe exchange of messages amongst family members. The messaging system is reliable to the extent that a message sent by one member is immediately delivered to the other family member, regardless of their location in the globe. Further, Life360’s efficacy is boasted by its emergency assistance features that allow users to report and request assistance whenever in danger.

Life360’s Minimum Requirements

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, a factor that broadens its accessibility. People across the globe can download and use this app provided they have either iOS or Android devices. Again, for one to download and use the Life360 app, a strong internet connection tablet or smartphone with GPS services are a critical necessity. Besides, the users’ gadgets must have sufficient memory and high processing speed to guarantee amazing performance.

Life360’s Subscription Fee

To enjoy Life360 services, users need to pay subscription fees. However, the subscription fees vary according to the features needed by the user. The higher the subscription fees paid, the more features that can be accessed by the user. Subscribers can subscribe to either monthly or annual plans and each of these plans comes with different subscription fees. Notably, the subscription fees paid by the subscribers are used to update and maintain the app for better services.

Comparison between Life360 and Other Similar Apps

Life360 app is unique from other apps offering similar services due to its reliable and top-notch performance, accurate location detection, helpful features, and user-friendly interface. This app accurately provides real-time locations to its users, an opportunity to message their loved ones and affordable and flexible subscription plans, unlike other apps. Although other apps have strived to emulate and offer similar services, Life360 maintained its position as the most efficient and reliable app for providing real-time locations.

Life360’s Missing Features and Problems

Although this app’s users boast of its efficiency, it is associated with a few shortcomings. Occasionally, Life360 provide inaccurate locations that mislead its users. Again, several claims have been made that Life360 drains the battery and has limited customization options. Life360 need to address these concerns so that its subscribers can maintain their loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Life360 is one of the greatest apps that allows families to track the real locations of their loved ones. Despite a few drawbacks, Live360 is efficient in its service delivery, user-friendly interface that enables everyone to operate it and reliable performance. For anyone who would want to have a new and amazing experience, I would recommend them to install and try the Live360 app.



  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Different features and widgets to facilitate the use of the app.
  • Great tool for family, parents, and elderlies.
  • Occasional unreliable alerts. Sometimes, Live360 gives false alerts about someone needing emergency assistance. Such alerts are misleading and erode users’ confidence.
  • This app requires premium version users to pay either annually or monthly. Such fees may restrict others from using the app especially if they are not financially stable.
  • For one to receive alerts and also message with friends and family members, a stable internet connection is needed. Therefore, people in areas with poor internet connectivity may be in a position to access the services.


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Frequently asked questions

Are there ways of communicating with the Live360 support?

Yes. Live360 support services can be accessed through various communications channels line live chat, support portals, social media, or email.

Are there subscription fees for the Live360 App?

Live360 has both free and paid versions. The free version allows users to access basic services without paying a penny. However, in the premium version, subscribers are expected to make payments to access advanced services.

Is iOS compatible with the Live360 app?

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


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