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Are you lacking storage space? It's a common problem for many people today, who increasingly require more and more storage to meet their work needs or to store personal files. This phenomenon has given birth to several file hosting services to remedy the issue easily and quickly, and one of the most prominent is the New Zealand based giant, MEGA.

The company founded in 2013 offers a cloud storage service that allows over 200 million people to store their data and files securely, keeping them protected based on its encryption systems.

Saving files has never been easier

Once you open the app, you find the main menu, which allows you to view your recent files, in addition to the different categories sorted by type. You can also view our files marked as favorites. In the menu you can search and access documents freely, start a chat, and add new files to the cloud in different ways.

The app has a section for shared files, which can be found in the bottom bar on the right. These are separated into 3 categories, those shared to the user, those shared by the user, and links; making it easy to search for a particular document.

MEGA has a simple and elegant design, which facilitates the user experience from the first time you start using it. This seems simple and not so useful at first, but then becomes an important advantage when you accumulate many files and folders.

Useful app features

The free software has expanded its functionality over the years, adding new tools that make it more than online file support, turning it into a more complete service that covers a large part of what data management means.

  • MEGA chat: in 2015 the app launched to the public this tool that allows its users to communicate with each other in multiple ways, either by instant messaging, voice, or video calls. The feature is accompanied by common tools such as user availability statuses and a “do not disturb” mode.
  • Browser extension: in addition to the app format, MEGA can also be used as a browser extension for easier access and integration of its functions.
  • Data synchronization: MEGA features synchronization between devices through the user's account, allowing you to access your files just by logging in.
  • Security at all times: the app's software includes end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy when sharing content, as well as 2-factor authentication. The app's identity is based primarily on the user's security and privacy.

Privacy, a double-edged sword

Since MEGA has the aforementioned privacy measures, the company behind it cannot access or view the files shared on its platform. This can be used by hackers or people with negative intentions to distribute dangerous or inappropriate information, so we recommend using MEGA with caution, especially if minors are managing an account. This does not mean that using the app is risky, but rather that, like many online operations, one must take some safety precautions and exercise judgment.

Choose the right account type for your needs!

MEGA offers a basic service that only requires logging in with an account, but also has only 20 gigabytes of storage. The user has the option to upgrade, increasing the amount of storage available, as well as the amount of data that can be transferred per day. The paid options are separated into 4 tiers, 400 gigabytes, 2 terabytes, 8 terabytes or the most expensive one that offers 16 terabytes of storage.

Regardless of the type of account you're going to use, MEGA features a user-friendly interface and attention to detail when it comes to privacy, which in my opinion makes it a perfect addition to your app library.



  • Creating an account and logging in is free.
  • The app has an intuitive and simple design.
  • User privacy is the number one priority.
  • The app itself takes up a lot of storage.
  • The free account is quite limited.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Is Mega available for businesses?

Yes, the app offers specific account types for this type of use, along with tailored tools for business needs.

What happens if I delete my account?

When you delete your MEGA account, the files inside it will be deleted with no possibility of recovery, so we recommend doing a backup before.

Do the accounts have file transfer restriction per day?

Yes, free accounts have this feature to avoid abuse of the service.


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