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Now that remote jobs have become more common, different members of the same team may find themselves working in the same project despite being miles away. That is why it is necessary to have an adequate system that allows communication and quick access to the same documents of each member. Currently you can download Microsoft Teams on your mobile devices to do this. This is an application developed by the company of the same name aimed at improving business communication. Previously this was a desktop-only tool, but is available on smartphones.

With Microsoft Teams you can have a platform where the company can share its messages, files, tools, users and more in common in one place. This way, all members of the organization can see it, modify it and generally facilitate collaborative work. Basically, improves the communication of the company. With this app it will be easier to communicate with your work group and jointly carry out common projects. Its interface is based on data storage in a shared cloud and with a lot of tools and functions developed especially for companies.


Microsoft Teams important features

When you start using Microsoft Team the first thing to do is create a work team. There you will add all the members of your team or the participants of a specific project. There you will have different tools such as creating notes, sharing and modifying shared documents or important reports. You can also open personalized chat rooms, video calls that can be individual or in conferences, and much more. This app is created to work hand in hand with the Microsoft Office 365 package.

Microsoft Teams also has an activity log where each change made will be shown. As well, you will see the people who have made those changes and when they have started operating. In this way you can keep track of the activities carried out and maintain control of each movement related to your work projects. Likewise, you can invite third parties or guests for a specified period of time. This is if you need extra people who collaborate with a specific project. For this you have a security system within the app that will allow you to have your work protected at all times.

With Microsfot Teams, you can also open private chats in case you need to discuss with a colleague. Also, create audio or video conferences to easily carry out your meetings or transmit important information that reaches your entire team.

As you have already read, Microsoft Teams has an interface similar to other business-focused applications. However it adds different extensions and tools from Microsoft itself, such as its integration with Office 365. Also, the package that has a chat which this application was based on. In addition, it has different desktop versions for Windows PC and Mac and it is possible to synchronize with their versions for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone mobile devices. It is only necessary to have an account to work in this and in some cases subscriptions are required.


Advantages of Microsoft Teams

With the Microsoft Teams application you can:

  • Make public and private chats with your work colleagues. The chats can be audio or video and in any option you have the possibility of making conferences in real time.
  • Save important conversations and chats so you can access them or take important information at any time.
  • Upload files, reports, documents, lists. All the members of your team will be able to access these files and modify them.
  • You can create communication channels to dedicate them to different specific projects in order to keep everything more organized.
  • You can configure the notifications you want to receive, alerts and reminders, as well as important conversations will be notified to you.
  • It has an integrated search engine with which you can quickly search for contacts, conversations, documents.
  • You can sort your content in folders and in the way you like best to keep your workspace clean.

Microsoft Teams is a very good tool developed to facilitate work between coworkers. Also, the development of projects and conferences. It even works in academic groups that need to take classes and share their exams and assignments.The apps allowing teachers to lecture on online classes, get important guides for the students and receive homework.

How to download Microsoft Teams?

If you have a working group or even an academic group, it will be very useful to download Microsoft Teams. It is available on the most popular mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. So, you can get this app from its official media stores: Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and other devices with iOS.


You can synchronize with desktop versions just by logging in with the same user in both devices. So, you have all of the content anywhere you go. All of the versions for different platforms can be found from the official Microsoft Teams page.

The easiest way to download this app is to enter the app store corresponding to your mobile device. Then write Microsoft Teams in the search engine. If your device is compatible with the app, the icon of this will appear in the list of applications. Press install and wait a few minutes for the download and installation to complete on your device. The installation of the app is free.



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