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Taking notes of diverse topics can be boring or confusing, especially when you're just taking notes for yourself or managing a group project. Thankfully, there's Notion! 

Notion: take your notes to the next level.

Notion is a note-taking app, immensely popular amongst the software industry, making it rather unknown outside of it. 

Notion can be used to fulfill all of your note-taking needs, from simple to complex.  You can not only take notes, but also manage projects using databases with a varied fan of views. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but it is rather hard to use. 

For instance, most people cannot go further from taking simple notes or use the basic features of the app. The app's learning curve could be considered an issue.

The sheer complexity of the app and its software-centered functioning makes this app a hardly recommendable option for the regular user, but it does not mean the app isn't good.

Notion’s key features.

Notion’s features are unique amongst other note-taking apps, including ll-in-one productivity tools. These features are:

  • Table Database Block: these elements are pretty similar to the tables you’ll find in numbers, sheets or excel, except for some interesting details, such as each column offering database properties to customize your table.
  • Board Database Block: offers a more visual approach on tables, an ideal layout for the drag and drop method to manage projects. They are an easy way to get a simple and quick overview of your work and where each project is at the moment.
  • Text Editor: one of the best editors out there, easy to use and easily customizable, such as colors. Notion offers a limited color palette, making everything look clean and tidy.
  • Bookmarks: you can save or display visual links in your page to organize them later, thanks to Notion’s Web Clipper Extension.
  • To-Do List Block: if you want to explore databases or need a separate list, checklists helps you keep things as simple as possible.
  • Public Pages: To share information with others and create a quick and easy webpage.
  • Customizing tools: you can customize pretty much everything, you can use templates or create your own, there are many ways to customize it to suit your needs and desires.

Notion’s plans

Notion, like many other apps, includes a free and a paid plan. Of course paid plans are much more feature-heavy.

The free plan includes a limited size file upload, up to 5 MB, collaborations including up to 10 guests and page history up to 7 days, but you can make as many notes as or need and want and use almost every other feature for free. Notion Plus has no file size restriction, has 30 days of page history and lets you have up to 100 guests in collaborations.

Notion also has business plans, Notion Business and Enterprise. This first plan offers you 90 days of page history, the chance to invite up to 250 guests during collaborations, support for single sign-on, bulk PDF exports of your pages and much more. Notion Enterprise plan has a custom pricing and includes the aforementioned features plus unlimited page history and a few other enterprise-grade features, like user provisioning, an audit log and advanced security and controls.

A brief overview on Note

Despite its difficult system and interface, note is definitely an app worth trying, with many unique features and fairly-priced plans tailored to your needs. Although centered towards a more experienced public, note can be easily usable by anyone who desires to just take notes, as well as someone planning and managing big projects. Note certainly deserves a solid 4/5 rating.



  • Endless customization options.
  • Great for collaborations.
  • Can build custom databases.
  • Offers unique features.
  • User-friendly for teams.
  • Can be overly complex.
  • No offline access.
  • No goal tracking.
  • Almost no communication features.


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Frequently asked questions

Are my notes private in Notion?

Notion takes its user’s security very seriously and employs several security measures.

Does Notion Work Online?

Notion works offline, but some features are relegated to online use.

Is Notion’s free plan enough?

Notion’s free plan is robust enough for most users working on personal projects. If you’re working on a group, it might be better to use one of the paid plans.


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