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You’ve probably heard about Opera, a pioneer amongst web browsers, relegated for a long time for its rather slow and featureless functioning, but thanks to development and recent updates, it has risen from the ashes once again. What makes it so popular?

Differences between Opera and others web browsers

Opera has excelled over many other browsers like Chrome and Edge for its wide array of tools and features that makes it more convenient and reliable. Opera offers a free VPN service (a private network to browse safely) and yes, Chrome and Edge offer the same service, but unlike Opera, these features are paid. Opera’s VPN works like any other paid one, protecting you from online threats and alerting of any suspicious website, far safer than any incognito or private mode. All this, while you surf the media peacefully, securely and freely. 

On top of that, Opera includes an ad-blocker, allowing you to browse seamlessly without all of the annoying redirecting ads interrupting your every move and loading pages faster. 

Opera provides your device with an exceptional security system for your private data, with a tracker blocker, keeping third-party users and tools from stealing your prized data, also reducing tedious loading times with its light and swift functioning.

Opera’s special features

  • Opera works with several other popular social media such as Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, Its instant access function makes these apps easily accessible and convenient. 
  • Opera also integrates Whatsapp, adding a small window on the side of the browser, perfect for communicating in group projects and such.
  • Opera offers a distinctive feature known as "Lucid Mode," which enhances the quality of videos and images very easily. 
  • Managing web snapshots is now simpler than ever with Opera, instead of having to navigate back to the folder where your snapshots are stored to edit them, you can now edit them immediately after screenshotting. 
  • Opera has a rather unusual function for most browsers and apps in general. By using the function “Video Pop-Up” you can have a small window floating on your screen while you do other things on the app. This allows you to watch videos, listen to music and podcasts at the same time that you’re browsing, keeping the music/video going on in the background, unlike youtube.
  • With Opera, you can save and share websites that you use frequently very easily thanks to its “Pinboard” feature, making it easy to frequent your favorite websites in a rush.

Opera’s display

Opera’s user interface is another topic. The app itself is certainly easy to use, but for example, you won’t find the search tab in the center of the page. This space is used to display the app’s features, like VPN, the Dark/Light mode, the Adblocker, and your bookmarks. On the left side of the menu, you’ll find all of your social media shortcuts. Opera also offers you the possibility to edit its theme! 

You can either use one of the premade themes or create a custom one, to have your browser beautifully displayed to your taste!

How to download and install Opera

It’s easy to install too! Just download the file from Opera's official website. Or simply, download it from the App Store.

Why should you use Opera.

Opera is an all-included browser that can impress you. It offers a secure browsing experience unlike any other and many features that are usually not for free on other browsers. While it may not be among the most popular browsers, Opera's range of features is remarkable. From various browser themes and integrated social media platforms to AI integration and streamlined task management, Opera has it all.

Additionally, Opera is extremely efficient in terms of performance unlike Chrome, resulting in a smoother system and faster functioning. Opera has a lot to offer, its rather cluttered main page is something users grow easily accustomed to, so for this, Opera deserves a solid 5/5 stars.

If you want to try out Opera, the following buttons will take you to the App Store or Apple Store respectively, so you can download opera and enjoy its features in a matter of minutes!



  • Runs fast and smoothly.
  • Offers a free VPN and Adblock.
  • Can be personalized.
  • Features a Video pop-up function.
  • Includes the “Lucid Mode” picture enhancer.
  • The main page looks quite cluttered.
  • Most of the features are available only in desktop versions of Opera.
  • The tool distribution has been proven to be unappealing for new users.
  • It’s usually set as default browser, not a big deal but can be annoying for the user.
  • Updates don’t come as often as in other browsers.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to download Opera?

All you need is to have Windows 10 or later or for Mac, iOS 12 or Later. The mobile version only requires 48 MB of space.

How do I update Opera?

Opera updates itself automatically, but you can check manually for an update on the Menu>Update and Recovery. You can also read about what’s been updated on Opera’s Blog.

How do I personalize the main page in Opera?

Using the easy setup menu, click on Enable Wallpapers and choose one. You can also get new ones at the Opera Addons Store.


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