Today, PayPal is known as one of the most important digital wallets in the world. Most people are inclined to use it, especially because it offers easy functions and an intuitive interface. Therefore, if you want to download PayPal, keep reading this post.

It is a platform that allows you to make payments online. You can associate both your credit card and your bank account and so be able to support each of the transactions you carry out. Its main objective or purpose is to allow us to make purchases online, not only it's an instant process, but they are also secure operations. In addition, you won't need to share your personal data and those related to your account to anyone.

Historical background of PayPal

It has been said that this platform is currently available in almost every corner of the world. Now, its origin dates back to 1998, in Silicon Valley. At this time, it wasn't known as PayPal, but as Confinity. The founders of this great company that became successful years later are Peter Thiel, Max Levchin and Luke Nosek.

At the beginning, the only goal that its creators had was for this platform to allow them to carry out money operations among all those users who had devices with PDAs. Years later, the company is associated with Ebay, and after this alliance it manages to ally with MasterCard. So thanks to this, it is now possible to verify your account with the cards that belong to this company.

That is why, when you proceed to download PayPal, you will be downloading one of the largest multinationals worldwide, the one that is owned by Ebay and that currently has subsidiaries, such as Venmo, Braintree and of course Paydiant.

Most relevant features of PayPal

The first point to highlight is that it is a platform or application that allows you to make payments, but it is not a banking institution. In other words, although it might seem like a bank, especially because of the functions it has, it is not a bank but an online platform. On the other hand, PayPal allows its users to make the payments they want with the cards they have associated, or with the money that they have in the PayPal account.

If you have a store or an online business, you can use PayPal to peelive payments. In case you want to add a payment button to your website, to social networks, or even to your email, now it is possible to do so. And only by selecting it, people will go to your PayPal account and can pay you.

You will not have to worry about security again, because thanks to the advanced encryption that they implement, all your data is safe. At your disposal, you can have a currency conversion program, through which you can carry out the transaction you want, and know the exact amount you must send. The platform will make the payment in any currency.

Overall, it is very simple to use, in addition to the fact that the platform is found in every corner of the world and is available in almost all the main languages. So, when you download PayPal, you can make fast payments and they will be sent instantly.

How does PayPal work?

The first thing you should do when you enter PayPal is to sign up. Creating an account is free and then proceed to add your credit card to verify it. By having your account verified, you will be able to make any payment you need. You will only have to enter the email of the person to whom you will send the money and that's it.

You can also add some authentication, so that before making any transaction, you need to confirm it through email or phone number. This is a way to make sure that your account is always safe.

The benefits of using PayPal

It is possible to make the purchases you need without having a balance in the PayPal account, as long as you have your credit or debit card registered. It offers security and protection in every operation you carry out. As well as it allows you to accumulate rewards that you can later exchange for great prizes within the platform.

If you are terrible at remembering passwords, you no longer have to worry, because now just by placing your fingerprint or with a PIN, you can access the PayPal application.

PayPal to Payoneer comparisons

In order to have an account in Payoneer or PayPal, you don't need to invest a penny since both are totally free. Through Payoneer, you can have a virtual bank account, which is not the case with PayPal.

PayPal offers a lower rate in relation to currency conversion, so it is a better alternative for this detail, and also because the feature of paying through the platform with cryptocurrencies is already being developed. It should be noted that both platforms are an excellent option, but they have their own characteristics that make them different, however, PayPal has managed to position itself at number 1.

How to download PayPal?

If you have already decided to download PayPal, and start using this platform as your digital wallet, you can do it easily. It is recommended that if you have a device with Android operating system, proceed to enter the Play Store, and there, look for this application and proceed to install it. In the case of an iPhone or any other iOS device, you will do the same procedure, but from the App Store.

However, we offer you another alternative. Consists of accessing the download button that you will find at the end of the text. This link takes you directly to the PayPal download. In other words, you will only have to wait a couple of minutes and you will already have PayPal installed on your smartphone.

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