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There's nothing more annoying than taking a great picture during holidays just to come home and see how weird the sky looks or how off the atmosphere is. it doesn’t matter whether the photo is old or new, Picnic can help you improve all of your weird-looking pictures. Take unique pictures with Picnic!

Picnic: take the best pictures

Picnic is a revolutionary app to change the background and especially the sky in all your photos, greatly improving the quality, style and aesthetics of any photo you take. Forget the never-ending process of blurring backgrounds, erasing them by hand or overlapping filters to make the pictures look slightly better (or even worse), with just some taps on the screen of your phone, your photos will look like if they were taken by a professional photographer with beautiful colors, enhanced aesthetics and a clean and natural look. With Picnic, you can trust that all of your pictures will have the quality you desire, making for a great video, social media post, album, etc. Picnic is simple to use, with a clean and straightforward user display, anyone can use it! From users experienced in photoshopping and such to beginners, making it a very popular choice amongst photographers and influencers.

Picnic's features 

Picnic’s features are not exclusive to the app itself, but are in its best versions and functioning within the app. Being focused around two main functions, makes such functions much superior to the ones found in an app focused around many other features. These features are:

  • Background editing: Change the lighting and style of the background in any picture, using the app’s recognizing technology, you can be sure that the background, and only the background, will be edited.
  • Background replacing: Is your background beyond repair? Then change it! Thanks to the aforementioned technology, you will be able to change the backdrop of any picture you desire.
  • Background filtering: If the mistakes are minimal, a few filters might be what is missing. Choose from a huge array of different filters and turn your photos into art pieces.
  • Time alteration: Want to turn a day sky into a starry night? No problem! With picnic, this is easily done.

Alternatives to Picnic

Despite being a leader around apps dedicated to background alterations in photos, there are many other better known apps that either works better or offers a wider array of functions. Amongst these apps, we can find Snapseed, a wonderfully complete app that not only lets you change the background of your pictures and such, but also lets you blurr skin defects or use AI to alter or delete an specific part of a picture without it looking too AI-esque at all. Picsart is also an extremely useful app, allowing you to change the background of any picture smoothly and fast. You can also add fun stickers (and make our own), draw over pictures and add texts, with a huge catalog of fonts, colors and styles. These apps, although having a wider amount of features and functions, most of these have paid plans, some rather expensive. What makes Picnic a good alternative is that it is free, with some slightly inconvenient ads, but still free. 

A brief overview on Picnic

Despite having some well known defects and flaws, such as quality and intrusive ads, Picnic is an app worth having in mind, specially amongst artistic photographers and influencers. Its features are reliable and natural-looking, something rather odd for free apps, that tends to look too AI-looking, artificial or plain weird. Picnic is a swift-functioning app, with a clean and simple interface that makes it even more accessible to the public, with a straightforward and unruffled system. Thanks to all of these features, Picnic should be kept in mind when editing all of your photographs, making it worth a rating of 4/5.



  • It's free to use and download.
  • Simple and clean user interface.
  • It's a very lightweight app.
  • Its features are fast-working and trustworthy.
  • Contains intrusive ads.
  • It is only relegated to background editing.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I download Picnic?

Picnic can be downloaded straight from the App Store or Play Store.

How do I export pictures from Picnic to my gallery?

To export pictures from Picnic to your gallery, just press the download button on the lower middle part.

What do I need to download Picnic?

To download Picnic, you only need 73MB free of space on your device.


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