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PicsArt is a photo, video, and collage editor, as well as a social network. It is a creation tool and a source of inspiration. Although the application is free, some features are paid. There are multiple tools available for you to let your imagination and creativity run wild.

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PicsArt is free. To start using the editor, you must register using an email, or you can link your Google, Apple, or Facebook account. You can do this from a web browser or from an Android or iOS-compatible mobile device. Once you register in PicsArt, you can choose a profile picture and a cover photo you like best.

Using the editor is quite easy. To start creating, just tap New Project (or the “+” sign in the mobile app) and select the type of content you want to create, such as photos, collages, videos, and drawings. You have the option to use frames, create images with AI, access the device's camera, etc., and it includes a search bar to type keywords.

In addition to creating content from scratch, you can choose to use the templates offered by PicsArt, such as the following:

  • You can create documents such as menus, business invoices, posters, planners, and letterheads.
  • The editor also allows you to create content for different social networks and applications such as Instagram, X (Twitter), Twitch, and YouTube, among others, since it has templates with standard content sizes (banners, stories, publications) that can be uploaded to these platforms.
  • There are templates for creating marketing content, such as logos, banners, flyers, invitations, business cards, and gift cards, among others.

Outstanding features

As we said, besides being a publisher, it is also a social network. Therefore, you can follow accounts that you like, and other people can follow you too, you can publish content on your profile, like, or comment on posts.

Another interesting feature is that there are Spaces, which are groups or communities of creators, on thousands of different topics —from tips for creating content to topics like pets and dancing, just to name a couple—, which you can join. Once you are in, you can see other members' posts, publish content, and save or comment on other people's posts.

In the mobile app, there is a Challenges tab for you to participate in themed challenges and test your creativity. PicsArt chooses three winners when they finish. You can also view completed challenges.

Options for every taste

PicsArt offers four different plans that adapt to the needs of each creator, and you can try it for free for a certain number of days.

  • Free Version: It offers 100 MB of storage in its cloud, you can create up to 5 images with artificial intelligence per day, some filters, and editing tools but not all of them, etc.
  • PicsArt Plus: This plan has 5 GB of cloud storage, you can create up to 10 AI images per day, access with the subscription on up to 5 devices, export to PDF, etc.
  • PicsArt Pro: You can enjoy 20 GB of cloud storage, create up to 50 AI images per day,  access with the subscription on up to 10 devices, use all the features of the Plus Plan, and take advantage of collaboration and productivity tools for team building.
  • PicsArt Enterprises: This plan includes the benefits of the previous plans; custom feature development, e.g. integrations with third-party platforms; enterprise-level security; account manager, etc.

The bottom line

PicsArt is very useful since the free tools it offers are many and, interestingly, it has integrated AI and social networks. Perhaps it does not offer as many possibilities at a professional level as other editors, but it is a good option to have on a mobile. If you spend time on the app, you will be able to learn and get a lot out of it.



  • It is also a social network, so you can find inspiration in it, too.
  • It offers many free tools.
  • PicsArt offers collaborative features.
  • The free mobile version has many ads.
  • Web version can be complicated to use.
  • There are better AI tools available.


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Frequently asked questions

Which payment methods does PicsArt accept?

If you use the mobile app, your payment is processed through Google Play, Apple Store, or Windows, depending on your device. If you use the web version, you can pay the subscription via credit or debit information, or PayPal.

Can I cancel my subscription and receive a refund?

Once payment is received, we cannot refund your money. However, you can cancel the subscription and continue to access premium features until the end of the payment period.

Can I use PicsArt content for commercial purposes?

Through the hashtag #freeforbusiness, you can search for content suitable for commercial use.


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