Picture This: Plant Identifier

Picture This: Plant Identifier

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Have you ever come across a plant and would like to know what it is, but have no idea of its name or who to ask? Whether you've found a tree, plant or flower you don't know and would like to know its name, with PictureThis you'll have the problem solved. This app offers a simple and accessible solution for all those who want to learn about plants and identify them. And all you have to do is take a picture of it!

Become a plant genius by using PictureThis

PictureThis is an artificial intelligence-based plant identification app that allows users to identify plants quickly and easily by taking a photo. The app uses advanced image recognition technology to analyze the visual characteristics of the plant and compare them to a large database of plant species.

Once the user takes a photo of a plant, PictureThis can provide its common and scientific name, as well as detailed information about its characteristics, care requirements and potential uses. The application can identify thousands of different plant species, making it a valuable tool for gardeners, botanists and the nature-curious.

Main features of PictureThis

The key to the app's effectiveness lies in the use of machine learning algorithms from millions of plant images. This allows the app to recognize even rare or obscure plant varieties with a high level of accuracy. Let's delve more precisely into the features and functionalities of PictureThis:

  • Simple interface: the app's interface is easy to use, plus they offer you simple guides to help you take better photos so that you find exactly the plant you want to discover.
  • Instant identification: if the photo is suitable, you will be able to identify which plant, flower or tree you have in front of you in less than a minute. In addition, you will be able to save all the plants you discover in your personal collection.
  • Education and community: you can share your images with users from all over the world, as well as browse photos that people have uploaded. The community is constantly growing and it is a very good way to learn, as you will be able to see what plants look like in different parts of the world.
  • Specialized advice: in the app you can get advice and suggestions from horticultural specialists, which will improve your knowledge of plants and you will be able to learn from experts.
  • Plant care: in addition to receiving care tips to keep your plants in the best possible condition, you can set watering reminders to help them grow and prevent them from drying out!
  • Diagnosis of diseases: if you see that your plant has spots or anything out of the ordinary, by using your photos the app will be able to identify possible diseases on the affected leaves and stems, and will give you possible causes of the problems and suggestions for treatment.

Accuracy and reliability of the app's data

One of the remarkable aspects of the app is its high accuracy due to the amount of images loaded in its system and its constant updating. However, it is important to mention that depending on the leaf, stem, plant, tree or flower we want to find and also on the photo we take, the results may vary. It is advisable to try taking several photos, varying the distance, lighting and what part of the plant we are shooting. Also, we can compare with the suggested photos that are similar to our plant, in case we do not get a successful result from the beginning. Nevertheless, these are details that can occur at very specific moments, and it is not the general norm. Therefore, this application is an indispensable tool that you can have on your phone, making it useful when you are away from home or in nature and want to discover new plants!



  • The app is available in both iOS and Android.
  • Its database is in constant update.
  • The community is active.
  • Many options require the premium version of the app.
  • Its accuracy could vary.
  • You require connection to the Internet in order to search for plants.

Picture This: Plant Identifier

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use PictureThis for free?

Yes, but the functionalities are limited.

What can I do if the app cannot identify a plant?

You could try taking the photo from a different angle and with better lighting.

How can I cancel my subscription to the app?

You can cancel your subscription by accessing the App Store in iOS or Google Play Store in Android.


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