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Pluto TV is a streaming platform, very similar to the large platforms we know such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. It is worth mentioning that Pluto Tv works hand in hand with ViacomCBS streaming. Another important fact to highlight is that when you download Pluto Tv, you will immediately be able to see all the content that is available there for free.

It is characterized by live transmission, through which, just by having an internet connection, you will be able to see all the content that the platform offers. Best of all, you can do it for completely free without paying anything. With Pluto Tv, you can also find a section of channels, in which you can enjoy its live and direct programming.

Historical background of Pluto Tv

The developer of this platform is ViacomCBS streaming, while its owner is ViacomCBS. Despite providing its streaming service for free, in its first year it managed to raise more than $13 million. For May of the same year, the czar decided on a function called digital video recording, which so far has been a success.

The following year, it was able to sign a huge deal with the giant Hulu company. This agreement establishes that, by downloading Pluto Tv, you will be able to enjoy many of Hulu's productions for free. In the last quarter of 2015, they added 20 channels, and this is how they came to have more than 100 channels available in their second year.

A year later, its developers signed another important agreement, but this time they did it with Sony, and it is based on the fact that the Pluto Tv could be downloaded on devices belonging to Sony. For 2019, Viacom buys Pluto Tv, and since this year, it is its owner. This was quite beneficial for the streaming company, since they enabled more channels and the option of a subscription, which when acquiring it, you get rid of seeing advertising.

This year it doubled its earnings, having more than 30 million dollars in its capital.

Most relevant features of Pluto Tv

If you want to download Pluto Tv, the first step is to inquire a little about its features. The first feature, in addition to being an amazing streaming service, is that it is a free application. That is to say, you will be able to see all the content you want through its website, without having to pay a penny.

Through the app you have at your disposal more than 250 channels, among which you can come across series or movies for all ages. Of course, since it is free you see all the advertising that appears to you as if it were a television show.

A very important attraction that Pluto Tv has is that you can find high-quality programs that you have surely seen on world-renowned channels. In addition, its interface is very simple to use, and you can easily find the content that you have played or those series or movies that are waiting to be discovered.

Unlike other platforms, when you download Pluto Tv, you can watch all the content you want for free and without signing up. Although if you want to do it, the truth is this step, it will not change anything. Say goodbye to long creations of profiles and hello to instant content. You can enjoy everything that Pluto Tv offers from your mobile device, as well as other devices such as Amazon Fire Tv and Roku. Without forgetting that through the Playstation and all devices belonging to Sony, they also have the ability to play this platform.

Pluto Tv and Rakuten Tv comparisons

Regarding the catalog, it can be said that Rakuten Tv offers a better service, especially since it rents its content and offers the option to purchase a subscription. On the other hand, Pluto Tv is only based on offering content on demand or live.

Both platforms offer the alternative of seeing all the content that is there for free. However, Rakuten Tv, requires all users to register in advance to access it, while Pluto Tv allows you to view the content, without the need for registration.

For those who prefer content in Spanish, it is a better option to access and download Pluto Tv. Since Rakuten Tv offers very few productions in Spanish. However, both are good alternatives to watch a movie or a series for free.

How to download Pluto Tv?

To proceed to download Pluto Tv, you can access the download link that you will see at the end of this article. This will allow you to quickly download the application. You can also install the application from the Play Store in case you have an Android device. Although things may change a bit if what you have is an iOS cell phone, since you will find the application through the App Store.

Downloading Pluto Tv will allow you to stay entertained all the time, thanks to the fact that with this free application, you can watch some of the most top films in the history of cinema, as well as series that at the time were a success. The only aspect to improve, but that cannot be criticized because it is a free platform, is that you will have to see all the advertising that appears there.

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  • Update May 5, 2022
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