Proton VPN

Proton VPN

If you worry about the privacy and security of your online activities, then you probably already know about VPN. These are softwares that help you to hide your delicate information and makes it untraceable, this way, all of your personal information and activity is safe. One of the most popular apps of VPN that you can find is Proton VPN, a great app available for smartphones and tablets that you can use to protect your information and activity that you have on those devices.

Proton VPN is an incredible app created by CERN developers, the same that designed Proton Email. This app is pretty incredible keeping in mind that is completely free and it gives you many tools to hide your information. This is just one of the reason why people love this app so much.

So, if you want to know more about it, keep reading this post to find out everything about it. We will tell you how to download Proton VPN on your device, and also we will share with you all the features that you can find in this app and how to start using it right now. So, let's begin!

Proton VPN main features and characteristics

One of the best features of this app is that is completely free and it doesn't show you ads. This is the most used and popular app among researchers, journalists, and other professionals who needs to keep their information private at all times. This app gives you full privacy on all your devices, and you just need to download it.

Once you have it, the app will hide your location and change it for another one. It will also block any type of program that wants to trace your information, and it will even block any possible leakage of information. This will help you to keep your location private and also make your activity invisible to any system.

Another incredible feature is that with this app is that it doesn't keep your information or sell it. The app never records anything of what you do and it is under the most secure protocols in the world, providing an honest service without tracking or recording any of your information ever.

So, if you want to know how to start using this app right now and know how to keep every activity encrypted, keep reading this post.

How to start using this app?

Once you download Proton VPN on your device and it is installed, then you just have to open the app. In here, you can start by making some adjustments. For example, if you want to specify a country to change your location to that one, you can do that. This will help you to access some websites that are restricted by location. You can change many other adjustments depending on your needs.

Then, once you create your profile there, you can easily start using the app. It is that simple! You will see that the app will show you a notification saying that you are using it and that you are connected in a server from a different country. You can also see the speed of the connection that you are using in that moment too.

As you can see, this app is pretty simple to understand and to use. Everybody can use it and the best part is that this app doesn’t have any limit, compare to other similar apps, so you can use it as long as you want and download any information without limits.

So, if you want to know how to download Proton VPN on your device easily, keep reading this page and follow the instructions we leave you down below.

How to download Proton VPN?

If you want to download this awesome app right now, then you have two options. You can download Proton VPN through our post right now. Tap on the download button down below. This is a shortcut that will take you to the right app store for your device. Choose if your device uses Android or iOS system. Then, you will see the app and you just need to tap on the download button, accept the conditions of the app and wait. In a couple of minutes, you will have the app installed on your device and ready to use.

Your other option is to download this app through the app store directly on your device. Open the store, search the app by its name, and then tap on the download button. You need to accept the conditions and wait until it is fully installed. Then you can start using it. But, to save time, you can just tap on the download button below, this will send your there quickly.

Proton VPN is completely free. You can download it right now through the Google Play Store or the App Store. As soon as you download it you will realize how simple it is to use it to protect all your delicate information. This is a must have for everybody who worries or cares about their privacy.

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