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Sometimes we need to ask questions and the people we know can't or won't answer them. Or we simply seek those answers from strangers, either because they are experts on the subject or because we find it easier to express ourselves with someone from virtual anonymity. There is an app for this, time to get to know it!

Which side are you on?

In 2010, two ex-Facebook employees captured this need by creating an app that connects users from all over the world: those who ask questions and those who have answers.

In this way, users can ask what they want and receive the answer from other members. This promotes an exchange of both information and roles: just as you can ask questions, you can also answer someone else's questions.

Your question is not a nuisance

Now then: what can we ask? Basically anything you want. You just have to log in and start following topics where you think your question will find an answer, as well as those that are of interest to you. In Quora, these are called “Spaces” and these are just a few:

Psychology, Religion, Economics, Education, Business, Food, Series and Movies, Health and Wellness. And we can go on and on!

In addition, you can create your own space: 

  • Select contents;
  • Organize debates;
  • Share interests

You can also follow users and questions! 

In this way, you'll be customizing your feed in addition to creating your user profile, where community members will be able to access:

  • Your biography;
  • Comments you have made in different spaces;
  • Your area of expertise.

You will be able to count on the following tools:


  • Quora Blogs: you will be able to publish longer texts in blog format.


  • Quora integrates basic resources to edit your text (including your old answers), being able to add images, videos, and links.


How do you know which is the right answer in a sea of subjectivities?

Quora solves it with a voting system: members decide positively or negatively on an answer to help you make the best choice!

But remember: these are people you don't know, and to whom virtuality confers an anonymity that not everyone will use for good. Hence one of the criticisms of the app is the presence of people who respond sarcastically or provocatively and do not contribute to an enriching debate: the famous trolls rarely take a break.

Navigating without a lighthouse

It is an easy-to-navigate app, even if it does not always lead to good results: many users have reported that its algorithm often favors the most popular responses over those that are more well-founded.

We witnessed a simple interface where the topics you want to link to are quickly displayed: from there begins the customization of your feed. The questions and answers are well organized as well as the icons for voting, comments and sharing. In this aspect, the elements are consistent and avoid confusion.

In terms of functionality, although the app fulfills the objective of being a platform for exchanging questions and answers, the quality of the latter can vary, with many being inaccurate or based on a personal opinion lacking substantiation.

Integrated services:

In order to facilitate access to its content and enhance the experience of its users, Quora integrates with:

Social Networks:

  • Facebook and Google: both for logging in and sharing content from the app.
  • LinkedIn: to share your professional information on Quora.
  • Twitter: you will be able to share questions and answers.


  • Subscriptions and Notifications: once subscribed, you will be able to receive notifications about new answers to your questions, comments and important activities on your topics of interest.
  • Invitations: you will be able to invite anyone you want to join Quora.

More than 50,000,000 million 7.0 MB downloads have already been made of this app through two ways:

  • For Android devices: go to the Google Play Store!
  • For iOS devices: go to your App Store!


  • Multiplicity of topics from which to address your questions.
  • Interaction with members of the Community to enrich the exchange.
  • Participation of experts on the topic to raise the level of answers and debates that may occur.
  • Some advanced features require a paid Quora subscription.
  • Quality of responses varies from topic to topic.
  • Inconsistent moderation and content policy.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Is Quora a free app?

Most of Quora's features are free to access, but with a paid subscription you can get Quora Plus for additional benefits (such as exclusive content).

Are my answers editable even after they have been published?

You have total freedom over your content, being able to edit your answers whenever you want for whatever reason.

What method does Quora use to ensure the quality of the answers?

Quora uses member voting and community moderation to select the answers it considers the best. This system has been criticized because it often eliminates many answers without explanation, as well as reports of the need to reinforce its filters to avoid spam or inappropriate answers.


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