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IMPORTANT: Security Master no longer exists, just as the developing company. It is possible to find similar apps on the App Store that fulfill the same functions and offer the same features. Some similar apps that you may like are:

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Safety from online harm is a critical area that every electronic gadget user should be concerned with. With the growth in technology, malicious users with ill intentions have increased and are targeting electronic gadget users. Therefore, electronic gadget users need to install apps that ensure their security. Security Master is a special app developed for this purpose. This app ensures the safety of mobile users from any digital threat by using special features such as privacy safeguards, junk cleaning and antivirus protection. This app also protects users from other potential vulnerabilities such as spyware, and malware. With Security Master installed on the phone, one is guaranteed security for their data.

Security Master’s main Purpose

Security Master’s primary role is to offer top-notch security to mobile users against digital threats that include malware, spyware, and hackers. This app uses advanced features to detect these risks and neutralize them before they cause harm to mobile users. For instance, the antivirus is developed with the ability to detect any digital threat and eliminate it on time. Also, the security master app has Wi-Fi security that offers protection against people who would want to access the network without authority. This app boost user’s confidence since their protection is guaranteed.

Security Master’s Efficiency

This app’s efficiency lies in its ability to accurately detect digital threats and thwart them before they harm the user. Any delay in detecting malware, viruses, or spyware can cause massive destruction, hence any app designed to protect the user should be quick. Security master users boast of the top security offered by this app without affecting battery life and speed. Security Master offers a robust system that updates regularly to boast security against advanced and latest vulnerabilities. Lastly, the Security master is fitted with an app lock, a security feature that offers robust security to sensitive phone applications. Undoubtedly, Security Master is one of the top security apps in the tech industry.

Security Master Minimum requirements

Security Master is developed to accommodate the majority of electronic gadgets. This app can be downloaded by both users of Android and iOS phones. However, the app is only accessible to those with Android versions that are compatible with the latest electronic gadgets. This app should also have enough RAM and large storage space for a speedy and top-notch operation. All these requirements ensure that the user is protected by advanced features against sophisticated digital threats.

Security master Subscription Fees

In terms of subscription fees, Security Master advances two categories of services. The first category is the basic free mode, where users access security without paying a penny. The second category is the premium mode, where users are provided with advanced security features that protect them against sophisticated threats. The premium subscribers are required to pay some fees either monthly or annually. The users in the premium category are blessed with real-time protection against malware, viruses and other threats. However, the basic mode is accessible to all for free since it is meant for a trial before the subscriber enrolls in the premium category.

Comparison with other Similar Applications

Security Master is unique from its competitors such as the McAfee Mobile Security or Avast because it offers additional features like App lock that protect sensitive applications. Additionally, Security Master has a CPU cooler, which is absent in other similar apps. Again, this app provides users with optimization features that also boost the phone’s speed.

Security Master missing features or problem

This App’s users have complained of intrusive ads that usually interrupt users when browsing. Again, on rare occasions, this app provides users with false digital threat detection that worsens users’ experience. Some users have also criticized this app for having data privacy issues, unlike its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Security Master is a versatile security app that provides advanced protection to mobile phone users against threats. Despite its shortcomings, this tool is efficient in detecting malicious programs that are designed to frustrate mobile users. Therefore, for anyone who needs top security, super experience, and real-time protection, I would advise them to install and enjoy this fabulous application.



  • Security Master has an advanced antivirus that detects viruses, malware, and spyware and protects devices against them.
  • Security Master has an Applock, a special feature that protects sensitive apps. This feature uses fingerprints, patterns, and passwords to protect sensitive applications
  • This app has an enhanced privacy protection mechanism that protects users’ data from access by unauthorized people.
  • Security master has a junk file cleaner that helps clear the phone’s storage by removing residual and cache files.
  • The security master app has been criticized for its resource-intensive nature. This app has high battery usage and high data consumption.
  • Privacy concerns. Security master users claim that despite the app’s protection features, the app demands a lot of personal information from the user before being allowed to use it.
  • Security master has a lot of intrusive ads that run at any time, thereby interrupting the user. Some of the ads carry inappropriate content.

Security Master

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Frequently asked questions

Can Security Master protect my phone from Phishing?

Yes. Security Master has the most advanced features that analyze emails, links and websites and alert the user in case they are fraudulent. Mobile phones installed with security master are completely protected against suspicious links and websites.

Does Security Master charge for its services?

Security Master provides its users with two options, namely free version and premium subscription. The free version offers basic protection against malware, spyware, and viruses free of charge. However, in the premium subscription plan, subscribers are supposed to pay for the services either monthly or annually. Premium subscribers are given advanced protections.

Is Security Master compatible with Android?

Yes, Security Master App is available for both Android and iOS users. You only need to download and install the app on your phone.


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