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If you are looking for an app to share all kinds of files, multimedia and applications, but leaving far behind the USB cables and bluetooth, this is the right app for you. SHAREit is an application that will allow you to transfer files between two or various devices very quickly. No matter what operating system your device has, if you download SHAREit on both of them, sender and reciver, it will be able to make very fast file transfers between them. This is possible even on a PC where this application has been installed. You can even connect several different devices to do a group of simultaneous transfers.

SHAREit is not limited to sharing only multimedia. It is also possible to transfer contacts, applications, voice memos or any content you have on your device. It is an application that turns out to be very useful if you have multiple devices. To have it among friends and family is also great since it is very much easier to share files.

How SHAREit works?

With SHAREit you can transfer files regardless of whether the devices are from different operating systems and with the maximum transfer speed. The only condition for this to work is that the application is installed on all of the devices. This app works completely wireless. That is, you will not need cables or Bluetooth to make your transfers. Best of all, you don't have to rely on a wireless network or cloud storage. And the best part is that you won't consume any of your mobile data to do it.

With SHAREit you can share photos, videos, music, documents, applications and more from one device to another. Even to the computer without transferring data to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. The mechanism that this app uses is that it creates its own wireless connection between various devices, as if it were a small private network. In this way, files can be sent and received between the devices that are connected to this network. However, to connect your computer to other devices, or even to another computer, it is easier if both devices are connected on the same Wi-Fi, so the connection in SHAREit will be much faster.

How to use SHAREit?

Using this app is quite easy and intuitive. After you download SHAREit, you must choose the option to connect, either on a computer or on smartphones. The app will immediately start searching for other devices that have the same active application. A screen like a radar will be displayed showing the devices it has obtained. There, you must select the device to with which you want to make the transfers.

You must accept this connection between both devices. If everything went well, then they will be now connected. In case the connection has not been achieved, you can also do this process by scanning a QR code. This way you have another good option to both devices to connect quickly.

SHAREit works with a tethering function that allows two or more devices to connect without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. Through the app their own private connection is created, where multiple phones or computers can enter to share the same files simultaneously. To achieve this, when you press the option to search for devices, your phone will create its own Wi-Fi connection that you can easily enter from the settings of your other devices you want within the network. Of course, they must have the application installed for the file transfer to work.

Remember that this will not consume any of your data rate or need routers to share the number of files you want. The connection that is established is bidirectional. That is, both devices can send and receive files, data or applications without any problem or restriction.

Step by step instructions

To send files from a pc is as simple as just selecting and dragging the files you want to share from their location and dropping them in the SHAREit window. The transfer will automatically start with the other device. From the Smartphone you will have to select an icon from those that appear at the bottom of the application screen, depending on the type of file you want to share. Look for the file or files in the location that is stored on your Smartphone and select it. Just press submit and everything you've selected will be shared quickly.

The files you have received through SHAREit will be automatically saved in the memory of your pc or Smartphone. To access them and be able to use or view them, you can do it from the app, through the direct link to them that it provides, or you can enter the explorer or file manager.

You can see all the files you have received through SHAREit by entering the app and pressing the received files icon. There you will see those as well as their exact location in your device. The location where these are stored can be modified in the application settings. So you can choose whether to store in the internal memory of the device, or on the SD card. You can also create your own specific folder where you want everything to be stored.

How to download SHAREit?

As you may read, you can easily download SHAREit on all of your devices. It will be very useful and it will save you a lot of time and hassle with USB cables. You can download on devices with Android operating system through Google Play Store. You can download SHAREit on iOS devices as well through the Apple App Store.

It is a free app that you can quickly download without any additional charge. If you also want to install its desktop version on your PC, it is recommended that you do so from the official page. Download the installer with the .exe extension on your computer and accept the security permissions. So then you can start sharing files with all your devices and the easiest way it is.





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