If you like buying and ordering online, you probably feel the struggle of not knowing where your package is and keep tracking different packages at the same time. Now you can have all the tools in just one place, and the only thing you need to do is to download Shop. In this app you can check all your items and see exactly where they are and when you will get them. Also, you can continue shopping with recommendations.

Shop is a very popular app and very useful right now. A lot of people are loving this app because they can check all their items in just one place, which makes everything easier. It is a good tool to keep track of everything you buy and know where they are in real time. You will know if they are in transit, out for delivery or arriving. Definitely a good tool to have if you tend to buy and order different things on internet.


So, if you want to know more about this app and all the things you can do with it, keep reading this post to find everything about it. Also, at the end of the post we will explain to you how to download Shop on your device easily.

All the things you need to know about Shop

As we mentioned before, this app is really helpful and a lot of people love it because they can keep in check all their packages. Now, this is how it works: with this app you won’t have to worry about taping the tracking id or all the process. This app can take the information from your purchases and start tracking the process for you. Is that simple!

The app will let you know where your items are. It doesn’t matter how many or where did you get them, Shop will track them all and show you the important information in just one place. So you won’t have to worry about opening different apps to check everything, you can just use one and that is it! Something simple, fast and very easy to do.

Another great feature of this app is that gives you recommendations to buy other similar items that you already got. It will also recommend you new stores, so you can see variety in your items and prices. It will be a personalized experience for you and it will show you independent stores and business, so you can support small business easily.


As you can see, this app is really helpful and it can make the whole online shopping process simpler. But this app has so much more in store for you, so let’s see another of its important features.

How to pay through this app?

Something very helpful on this app is that you can pay through it. As we mentioned before, the app shows you recommendations of stores and items that are personalized to you. The app take your previous purchases and shows you new things that you might like. You can get other related items for you, find variety and even offers.

But the good thing is that you can pay with this app easily. Shop will protect your data and keep private all your personal information. You can make the purchase through the app without any problem and you can be sure that your payment will be handled correctly in the process. This makes the whole experience faster, since you don’t have to go to third parties to realize the purchase.


This app is very helpful, and if you tend to buy on internet, this is a great tool to have on your device. Shop will definitely help you to keep an eye of all your packages and let you know when they are arriving. Keep everything organize in the same place and feel relaxed knowing everything is taking care of.

So, if you want to know how to download Shop on your device, keep reading this post to find out what are the steps to get it.

How to download Shop?

If you want to download Shop right now on your device, you just have to tap on the download button that is on this post. This is a shortcut that will take your to the right app store for you to get the app. But first, you need to choose your device system, Android or iOS, so you can see the right store for you. Then, tap again on the download button and accept the terms and conditions.

This app is completely free and you can downloaded without any problem. Start using Shop right now and track all your packages at the same time.

  • PriceFree
  • VersionVaries with device
  • SizeVaries
  • UpdateMay 16, 2020
  • DeveloperShopify Inc.
  • CategoryFinance


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