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Spotify followed the steps of many other popular apps, such as X and Facebook, and launched its Lite version in Brazil, in 2018. Now, you may be wondering what this alternative version has to offer. Well, the most important thing to know about it is that it is a simplified version of the Spotify app we all know and love. This version optimizes app performance on older devices, while still providing users with millions of songs for free. You can also save songs, share them with your friends, and get personalized recommendations based on your taste, just like with the regular Spotify app.

What makes Spotify Lite attractive

The Lite version of the app takes up less storage and consumes less data and battery than the full Spotify app. This makes it a good match if you have an older operating system or device. If you have a limited data plan, you might also want to check this version out.

With Spotify Lite you can keep track of how much storage and data you use from your device. You can also set a monthly data limit and the app will send a notification when you have reached it.

Similarities between Spotify and Spotify Lite

  • The User Interface of both apps is quite similar, which makes it easy for users to transition from one app to the other.
  • Both apps are available for Free and Premium subscribers.
  • The service provided on both apps is the same: there are millions of songs available in the same place.
  • You can share content with friends on both apps, the full version app and Spotify Lite.
  • There are playlists for all tastes available on both apps.

Differences between Spotify and Spotify Lite

  • The size of the app is one of the main differences between the two. The full version of the Spotify app requires about 30MB, while the lite version uses only 10MB.
  • The features displayed on the navigation bar on the Lite version are more limited (only the Home, Search, and Favorites buttons are shown).
  • On the Lite version, you can set a monthly limit for how much data you want the app to use.
  • On Spotify Lite, some playlists are played on shuffle mode, even for users with a Premium subscription.
  • Spotify Lite does not offer an offline mode, which means that you cannot download songs to play later offline. This applies to Premium subscriptions as well.
  • Since the offline mode is not available, there is no Library button on the navigation bar, only a Favorites button.
  • The setting options are more limited on the Spotify Lite version, which means that you do not have that much control over, for example, the quality of the music and the volume.

How to install the app

The Spotify Lite app can be used alongside the Spotify app or separately. In order to download the app on your phone, you just have to open the Google Play Store on your device and type “Spotify Lite” in the search box. Once you have found it, pulse the Install button. You can use your same Spotify username and password to log in to Spotify Lite. Bear in mind that the Spotify Lite app is available for Android users only, but it is expected to be available for iOS soon as well.

Spotify Lite is not available for all countries

Although the app has been made available in several countries already, it is not available all over the globe yet. So far, it is available mostly in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, where older phones are more popular.




Spotify Lite

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Frequently asked questions

Is Spotify Lite the same as Spotify?

No, they are not. Spotify Lite is a simplified version of the full Spotify app aimed at providing a better user experience for subscribers with older devices and operating systems.

How much does Spotify Lite cost?

Just like with Spotify, Spotify Lite can be downloaded and used for free on your device. If you prefer, the Premium subscription is also available on Spotify Lite.

Can I download music on Spotify Lite?

No. This is a feature available only on the full Spotify app. Spotify Lite does not offer an off-line mode.


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