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If you are a music lover you will surely know the most used platforms in the world to listen to the albums and songs of your favorite artists; And if you still do not know anything about the app that we will recommend today, you will discover a new excellent world to explore and listen to all the music you want. Download Spotify right now and discover everything this app has for you.

Spotify is a new platform that was released a few years ago and that completely changes the experience of listening to music as we knew it. This platform will allow you to access the entire musical repertoire of thousands of artists around the world just by having an account (and paying a subscription in case you use the Premium version).

This way you can listen to all the music you want through the internet streaming from Spotify. You will no longer have to buy each song or album as in iTunes, but you will have access to all the musical history of all the artists who have put their repertoires on this platform.

Start right now to discover everything that this amazing platform has for you. Download Spotify right now on your Smartphone or Tablet and you can access Spotify from anywhere with an internet connection. Do not miss the opportunity to have all your favorite artists on your mobile device.

What makes Spotify different from other platforms?

As we started saying, Spotify is a platform that will change the whole way we listen to music, because now you will not have the need to buy your discs in a physical store or online to listen to all the music of your favorite artists.

You also will not need to download the songs to listen to them in any player, so you will not have to go through the hassle of occupying all the memory of your mobile device. With Spotify you can start listening to all the music you like through the Internet with your Smartphone or Tablet.

This platform will allow you to access thousands of songs of all genres that exist in the world, putting at your disposal all the musical repertoire of well-known artists, bands of different types of music, playlists by genre, international radio and hundreds of podcasts. Everything from your mobile device without taking up more space than the app weighs. Amazing, is not it?

Spotify works with a method of Streaming through the internet, which will allow you to listen to everything you want continuously, provided you have an internet connection. But in case you do not have internet you can use the offline mode downloading the songs you want to the internal memory of the app.

For this you can make playlists or download complete albums while you have internet. Then put the app in offline mode to access all the songs and albums from your Smartphone or Tablet without spending mobile data or in case you do not have any Internet connection.

How does Spotify work?

You can start using this app right now if you download Spotify on your mobile device. This app has two ways to use it, you can use Spotify in its free version and the Premium version of this app to get all the benefits.

Now we explain more about this. To access Spotify in its free version, you must download Spotify on your Tablet or Smartphone and log in using your Facebook account. With just clicking on the option Start with Facebook you can access Spotify in its free version.

Spotify free contains ads and you will not be able to access all the contents that exist in Spotify. However, it is an excellent option if you want to listen to music without paying anything. This version is quite complete for this task and will be very useful to listen to music in your day to day.

On the other hand, Spotify Premium is the full version of this platform and you can access it by paying a subscription. For this you must access the app by creating an account with your email and password and associate a credit card so that payments are credited monthly. The best thing about this is that Spotify prices are not expensive at all.

With Spotify Premium you can access all the content that exists in Spotify without any ads or barriers. Access thousands of albums and songs by national and international artists, get playlists of the genres you like and mixes the songs you like most created just for you. All this with an economic monthly payment that is worth it completely.

How to download Spotify?

If you want to start right now to enjoy everything that this amazing app has for you, do not hesitate to download Spotify. This amazing app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find Spotify in Google Play and App Store right now; download the Spotify app is completely free.

Once you have Spotify you can access your music from any device without paying any surcharge. Access Spotify from your Smartphone, Tablet or computer to access all the content you like.

Best of all, Spotify works like a social network and you can follow your friends to find out what they are listening to. Start using Spotify right now.

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