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If you usually shop at Target, one of the most important supermarkets in the United States, and spend a lot of time looking for specific products and walking around the store: Did you know that you can save money and time with Target's free app?

Everyone today is looking for ways to shop in the easiest, fastest, and most money-saving way possible. Thanks to technology, online and at-home shopping are very popular, providing convenience and accessibility.

In addition, many stores have mobile apps that allow users to browse their catalog, receive notifications about special offers, and track orders; therefore, Target is not far behind. You can use Target whenever you shop there to save money, earn cash back, and get access to Target Circle member offers.

Surprising features

  • Browse Categories: The app provides categories such as food, clothing, electronics, and home goods, allowing users to easily navigate through different types of products.
  • Special Offers: Users can see if there are any special offers or discounts available for the items on their shopping list.
  • Product Details: Once a product of interest is found, users can view detailed information including price, description, specifications, and customer reviews. This helps users make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Store Availability: The app displays store availability information, letting users know if the product is in stock at their local Target store. If it isn't, the app will let you know when it is back in stock.
  • Shopping List: Users can create a shopping list within the app, adding items they want to purchase.
  • Aisle Locations: The app shows users the aisle locations of the items on their shopping list, making it easier to navigate the store.

Special offers only for becoming an app member:

With the app, you automatically become a member of the Target Circle, which will lead you to uncountable benefits.

Target Circle gives members access to special deals, customized discounts, and birthday gifts. It provides you with discounts and offers that are specifically targeted based on your shopping habits and preferences. You can even obtain points for your purchases at Target physical stores by scanning the Target Circle barcode at the cashier.

Promotion Codes and Payment Methods in the Target App

If you have any promotion code, you should select Add promo code under Discounts and then enter your Promo code. After that, select Apply or Redeem, and your discount will be shown as applied in the order summary box. To enter additional codes, enter each one and select Apply or Redeem.

The Wallet feature of the Target app combines all the checkout processes into a single convenient barcode. It makes shopping at Target more effective and easier by removing the need to manage several rewards, coupons, or payment options throughout the checkout process.

There are different options to receive your purchase

Target provides same-day home delivery, or if you choose the “Pick Up” option, you can pick up your item in-store at the designated time. Alternatively, if you select the “Drive Up” option, a Target employee will bring your purchases to your vehicle and load them into the trunk when it has been unlocked.

The information about your transactions, including the receipt, is automatically stored in the app when you buy something using your Target Circle account. You can access the digital record of your purchase through the Target app in case you ever need to return an item but lose your physical receipt.

Target App: Should I have it?

If you don’t have the chance to go out or spend a lot of time at the store, you can just make your purchase from home and get it delivered to your house or even your car. You can get special offers only by scanning products with your phone.

Digital receipts make it possible for you to return items without difficulty and get your money back in the original method of payment. Another advantage is that it informs you of any nearby targets that may have the item you are looking for, in case your closest Target doesn't have it.

To summarize, the Target app can be very convenient in different areas, which is why I would recommend you to give it a try





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