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Threads is a social network owned by the company Meta Platforms, also responsible for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and developed by the team of the latter. It is called "microblogging" since this is the name given to networks created to publish short messages, and it is considered to be the biggest competitor of X (formerly Twitter).

After the acquisition of Twitter (now X) by Elon Musk and significant changes in the application, Threads was launched, which led to an exodus of users to the new social network backed by Meta.

First Steps

To start using this social network, users need to have an Instagram account, meaning that both accounts are linked, and follow these steps:

  • Open the Threads app from a computer or mobile device. It is available for mobile devices compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Write a short description about yourself and, if you want, add a URL. Since the account is linked to Instagram, and they share the username and profile picture, you can import that information directly from there as well.
  • Choose whether you want your profile to be private or public.
  • Once you set up the profile, you can start interacting with other people on the network.

Layout and Organization

In the Home tab, Threads users can post and share threads, videos and images, always with a limit of 500 characters, follow accounts and see their posts, reply to them, like, share or quote the posts. This encourages dialogue and the creation of communities based on topics of common interest.

In the search tab, you can search for accounts to view their profiles and follow them to expand your network. If you click on the Like tab, you will see your activity, who mentions you in a thread, who follows you, etc.

In your Profile, you will see your posts, replies and reposts, check your followers, and you can edit the profile whenever you want. From here you can open Instagram, just tap on the icon and it will open automatically. Here, you also have the option to mute users you are not interested in or filter words.

Interconnection with Instagram

Being directly linked to Instagram, Threads makes it possible to automatically notify and follow users you have on the camera social network. In addition, you can share in Instagram Stories the posts made in Threads without the need for all your followers to use the app.

Not Everything is Gold

Threads does not have discovery functions in the form of hashtags, which makes it difficult to find content related to topics of interest. As a result, it greatly limits posts’ reach. This is a clear difference compared to X, where access to the latest content is a priority.

Another disadvantage is that the main feed not only includes the activity of the accounts you follow, but also accounts suggested by the algorithm. Moreover, it does not have a trending topics page either.

Security and Privacy

Threads guarantees security to its users, since, as mentioned before, they can choose whether their profile is public or private. This allows you to choose who sees your content and interacts with them, as well as to hide the likes and the number of times a post has been shared. Also, users can block or report inappropriate behavior to ensure a safe environment.

In a Nutshell

Threads is an app that, as it is linked to other Meta apps, attracts the attention of many users. This app encourages creativity with its character restriction and, although it lacks many features yet, it is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It still needs many improvements to give a fight to its main competitor and win more users.



  • It only has a single news feed.
  • You can type more characters than other similar apps.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • It has no discovery features, such as hashtags.
  • It lacks many features, like direct messages.
  • You cannot delete your account, unless you delete your Instagram account, too.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Who can follow my account?

If you have a public profile, anyone can follow you. On the other hand, if you have a private profile, you must accept the people who send you the request.

Can I have several profiles?

Yes, just like on Instagram, if you add several profiles to Threads, you can switch between them.

If I choose a different description or photo, does it also affect Instagram?

No. Updating your profile picture, description or URL on Threads will not affect your profile picture, profile or URL on Instagram. To update other details, such as your username or personal information, edit your Instagram profile.


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