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In the last year, TikTok has become an indispensable social media, especially for young age users around the world. The videos in this app become famous and viral and are shared by thousands of users. TikTok fans are increasingly every day, so this app continues to grow, as well as the great tools related to this app. One of these tools is TikTok Wall Picture. This is a new app related to the well-known TikTok where you can create fun and original wallpapers from your favorite videos on this social network. When you Download TikTok Wall it will take a few seconds for you to create a frame with your favorite images. This will allow you to personalize your Smartphone in a very original way.

TikTok Wall is very simple to use. You just need to have this app installed on your mobile device. There you can search your own videos and those of your favorite tiktokers. Play them and select the portion of the video you want to extract to personalize your phone. From these create a spectacular frame with the best image quality that you can use as wallpaper or screensaver.

How TikTok Wall works?

The first thing you must do to take advantage of this application is to have an account on the TikTok platform. So you can use the videos you liked and your own. TikTok Wall has different features and tools that are very useful to extract images that serve as wallpapers. And best of all, it will be using your favorite videos from the TikTok. One of these functions is LivePhoto, with which you can download a video to set up a moving screen as the wallpaper on your Smartphone.

With this app you will make the conversion from video to wallpaper very quickly and easily. Of course, it is essential that you have the main TikTok app previously installed. There you can choose from all your favorite videos and with some of its options create an moving image. This will serve as a moving wallpaper to customize the main screen of your Smartphone. With the LivePhoto option, all the videos you like will be saved in a gallery that you can use later with TikTok Wall.

With the TikTok Wall app, your home screen will be completely original and different. Imagine using those images of the adorable kitten that you liked. Or maybe the dancing boys that you like so much, or that funny girl showing her movements. It is very easy to use and you will no longer have to settle for the same boring and repeated wallpapers that everyone uses.

You can also change the background as many times as you want because you can download all the LivePhotos you like to select different wallpapers later. Keep in mind that live moving wallpapers consume more battery, but with the original and fun it is, it is worth the trying.

How to use TikTok Wall?

This app is very light and easy to use. To start creating your own wallpapers with the videos of the social network requires a few and simple steps.

The first thing you should do is have the TikTok application installed on your phone. If you didn't have it, create a user and follow your favorite accounts. Then install TikTok Wall, as it works as a complement to the previous app. Reopen TikTok. Find the video you like and want to use and click on the share option. Then you should search and select the LivePhoto option.

In this way the video will be saved in your gallery. Now you must open the TikTok Wall app, since it will complete the LivePhoto option that you just used. There, you must select the video you just saved from the platform. In this way it will be configured as the wallpaper of your Smartphone. It's that simple and in a few steps you can use all the videos you like on TikTok as wallpaper or screensaver. You must make sure that the video you choose is seen clearly and in good resolution since later you will not be able to change this, it does not have any option to edit the video.

If you later want to delete any of the images from your LivePhoto gallery, it is as simple as selecting the options button at the top right of the screen, and pressing the delete button there.

TikTok Wall is a great tool for every TikTok fan who also likes to personalize their Smartphone in different ways. Your screen design will be unique and you can change it as many times as you want. It is very simple to use and intuitive, so it has few buttons with which to select your wallpapers will be super easy.

How to download TikTok Wall?

To give an original touch to your wallpaper you just have to download TikTok Wall Picture. This app is currently only available for phones with Android operating system in versions later than 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is not yet available for iOS devices.

To get this app, You must enter on the Google Play Store and write TikTok Wall on its search engine. When you see the icon of the app, just press install and wait a few seconds for it to download and install on your phone. Remember that you must first download the main TikTok app in case you do not have it and then download TikTok Wall.

Both applications are free, so you don't need any payment information to install them on your smartphone. When the app is ready to use you will see its icon on the apps menu of your phone. So now you can start saving your favorite TikTok videos and use them as wallpaper.




TikTok Wall

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