Downloading large files has been made every time easier with the right programs and applications for it. A widely used system for this is peer to peer exchange, where heavy files can be transferred more quickly and without intermediaries. The uTorrent program is one of the most used for this system. It has existed for years in desktop versions.. However, with the boom in smartphones, the mobile version for this app did not take long to arrive. Now you can download uTorrent and get videos, music and every file you need to download and directly from your phone or tablet. Unfortunately, apart from its desktop versions, for now it is only available for mobile devices with Android operating system.

The uTorrent app has a mobile version for Android devices, in which you can download any file from the servers used by the program. It is also very easy to use, you can download all kinds of content without complications. In addition, it is a fairly light and very powerful app. Compared to other apps of this style, uTorrent is quite easy to learn how it works, consumes very little phone resources.

It can be left in the background of your phone and so you can continue using it without any problems. The app has so many features that makes it indispensable for those who need to download large files and want the best system for it. You can read more about uTorrent app bellow.

uTorrent most important features

The uTorrent application will allow you to add as many downloads as you want and without a limit on download speed. So your files will be downloaded at the maximum speed that your internet connection allows. In a matter of minutes you will have the desired files even if they are quite large. The adaptation of uTorrent to mobile devices is even lighter and it can be adapted to mobile networks so that file downloads are possible without a Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to downloading and uploading files, uTorrent has a large number of extra tools to facilitate your downloads. One of these is the bandwidth limiter, with which you can configure the use of connection used for the download. This way it does not take all your bandwidth and you can continue using your phone for other applications that also consume data. Another tool is the search bar, with which you can find torrent files stored on the network and download them very easily.

From uTorrent preferences you can activate a very useful tool, which is the web interface. With this you can remotely control your downloads. So when you are away from home you can order and stop transfers. The app also has a built-in player, with which you can preview the file you are downloading, be it audio or video.

uTorrent is perfectly configurable. You can choose the location where you want to save the downloaded files, choose the type of connection you will make the downloads with (only Wi-Fi or even mobile data), configure the bandwidth that the downloads take, choose which parts from a file you want to download or not to minimize the space it occupies, etc.

How to use uTorrent?

To add download files to uTorrent you must add files with the .torrent extension. You can get them on the web or search for them through the app's search engine. You can select where they will be stored and even create a specific folder for this.

Another way to add is through magnet links that have been shared with you. These links lead directly to the file to download through uTorrent. To add a magnet link, you just have to copy it, pulse on the app the option ‘Add torrent from link’ and past on the link box. The file information will appear and the option to download as well.

When you have active downloads you will be able to view them through the main tab. As well, you will see their progress percentage and the total data downloaded, download speed, and the estimated time it will finish. It will also indicate the type of file you are downloading, the date the downloads were added and finished. If you have uploaded files to share, you can see the number of people connected downloading that file.

From this same list you can pause or cancel the download. Also, change its priority according to which file you want to download first, or configure its bandwidth limit. You also have a panel where you can see what exactly each torrent file contains. If you want a preview of what you are downloading, the app has an integrated multimedia player with which you can see a part of the audio or video that you download without having to leave the app.

How to download uTorrent?

uTorrent is a most for everyone who is always downloading and uploading content to the web. So, to make it even easier, you can download uTorrent on your mobile device and have all the files you need directly on your phone or tablet.

As we said previously, at the moment this app is available only on devices with Android operating system. Despite the fact that the uTorrent app is quite light, it is important that you have enough space available on your mobile device so that you can download the files you need without problems.

The app requires at least Android 5.0 lollipop. You can get it through the Google Play Store. You must enter uTorrent in the search engine of this store. If your phone is compatible, you will see the icon with all the information of the app. Press Install and wait a few moments for the app to download and be installed on your device.

It is a free app, it will not ask you for payment information, and in order for using it you do not need any registration. As soon as you install it on your phone or tablet you can start adding downloads.


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