Nowadays, we can do a lot of things just using our smartphones. With these devices we have access to different tools and features that can save us time, so we don’t have to do things like we always used to. For example, go to the bank. Now we can manage our all money, send and receive it with just an app. If you are looking for a good app to do this, then you can download Venmo, a great app that will help you to manage your finances.

Venmo is a popular app developed by the PayPal Company. A lot of people are using it right now and love it because allows you to do easy transactions with just a few taps. This app is light, easy to use, and very safe and you can start using it right now without any problem. Once you have Venmo on your device, you will realize how simple it is to manage your money.


If you want to know more about this app and how it works, keep reading this post because we will tell you all the things you need to know. Also, we will explain to you how to download Venmo in just a few simple steps so you can start enjoying today.

All the features Venmo has for you

As we said previously, this app is quite popular and a lot of people are currently using it to send or receive money easily. It is a simple way to pay your bills, buy things and even share your bills with friends. This app has a lot of features and you can do a lot with it, so let’s take a look at all the things you will find in Venmo once you download it.

First of all, you can send money easily. With Venmo you can pay or send money to someone in just a few steps, you just need their ID to do so and the money will get there instantly. Also, you can transfer money to yourself, you just need to add your bank account or card and you can send money from the app.

And if you need to receive money, people will only need your ID and you will get the payment instantly. It is that simple and you won’t have to wait a lot for it.


You can also buy things with Venmo. A lot of mobile apps or shops allows you to pay with this method, so you can check out without your wallet. Also, you can ask for a Venmo Mastercard, which you can use to pay or buy more things in the U.S where it is accepted. Even though is not a credit card, you can just access your money easily.

How to use Venmo?

As you can see, this app is pretty helpful, and the best part is that is not difficult to use. Everyone can have an account, even you. So, if you want to use this app, the first thing you need to do is to download it on your device. Then, you need to create an account. You can do this by using another account, or you can just put your personal information.

Either way, if you want to add your bank account, you will also put all the information they ask you to verify everything. Once you have all these done, you can start using this app. If you want to request money, you can just send a request to someone. The person will receive your ID with it, so they just need to accept it.


If you want to send money, you will just need the ID of the other person and put it there, then put the amount of money you need to send and you can even put a description of it. Once that is done, accept and send it. The person will receive it instantly.

With this app you can do a lot of things, you can pay your bills, share bills with your friends, pay other apps with it like food, Uber, and more. This way, you can pay for everything and check out without having your wallet.

As you can see, this app is pretty awesome and you can do a lot with it. Track your finances, manage your money and more. So if you want to download Venmo, keep reading this post to do it.

How to download Venmo?

To download Venmo on your device you have two options. The first one, you just need to tap on the download button that is on this post. Then, choose your device system and tap again on the download button.

This app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. So, you can also download it through the Google Play Store or at the App Store. You just need to open the store, search for the name of the app, tap on the download button, accept for the terms and conditions and then wait a few minutes until the process is completed.  

  • PriceFree
  • VersionVaries with device
  • SizeVaries
  • UpdateNovember 17, 2019
  • DeveloperPayPal
  • CategoryFinance


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