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Nowadays, the social media have evolved to made videos the biggest protagonists. Funny videos, dance videos, challenges, parodies or simple day-to-day videos. Millions of users share theirs showing their creativity and looking to get likes of users who enjoy this content. This type of social networks grows quickly because you can express yourself freely and put all your creativity in different settings and contexts. In addition to interpreting a dance or a song that you like a lot and challenging other users to do the same, putting each one their own style. Now you can do this if you download VMate.

If watching and sharing original videos is your thing, you may like this app a lot. We are talking about VMate, a new social network where you can express yourself and share what you like in a video format. As well you can discover those shared by other users and the people around you. If you are looking for new app alternatives to share your best videos and discover new users, then you should download VMate.

It is very easy to use, you just have to record your video expressing your personality. Then edit a couple of things if you prefer and share it so that the rest of the VMate community can see and interact with it. You can also follow your favorite users to never miss their content. With this app it is very easy to go viral and make social network users know and share your content.

How VMate Works?

The most important feature of VMate is the creation of videos. Not only you can create them, but also you can edit them and share them at any time with other users. It is an exclusive social network for videos, so this is why, the app has an integrated editor that is very easy to use. With the Vmate editor you can add different filters and effects to your videos, as well as add emojis to make them more funny. In this way they can be more original and reflect more of yourself and add your personal style.

In VMate you will find many users who share different content through videos every day, all with unique and different vibes that you will surely love. To find different users, you can search for a topic or trend that interests you using hashtags through the app's search engine. When you find a user you like, you can follow him or her, so you don't miss any of what they are posting.

In VMate users also participate in different challenges. When one of these goes viral, all of the users can participe in it by just recording a video representing this challenge. So you can participate, and if it is very good, you may enter on the ranking of the best ones.

How to use VMate?

After you download VMate you can start recording your videos, and then edit them. You can touch it up, correct defects, add filters and emojis. In this way you can get original and fun results that get many views from other users. There are many filters and effects that you can add, such as fast forward, reverse in time, slow motion effects, color and shape filters, and many more. In addition, like any video editor, you can find tools to divide, cut, merge with another video, rotate the screen, duplicate or invert the image, among others. With all of this tools, you can have options that many of the desktop editors have and even a few more details, to make a super incredible production, and all that from your own phone!

VMate also includes an extensive library of songs that you can add to your edition as a background track to make your content more attractive. In addition, the app allows the download of videos, so you can save them on your device. You can share your content, or what you liked in other applications such as Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok. In this way, your user will grow in followers and interactions quickly, helping you to make your videos go viral and be shared by other users.

Another feature of Vmate is that you can not only follow your favorite users. You can also follow different trends, such as places, dances, and viral videos, so this way you do not miss any of that challenge or topic that interests you. Check these videos at the start of the app, or configure notifications so that you do not miss any. Participating in one of these viral challenges can earn you a lot of views and new followers.

How to download VMate?

VMate became very popular with users in India, but now the rest of the world has started using it. It is an option to the already popular TikTok, where you can get different filters and meet new users. If you're tired of the same old apps, with the same users, then you should try VMate and try different things. It is not only a social network, it also includes a video editor with different filters. And you will be able to view videos from other users, and the best thing is that it is totally free.

Download VMate and share your best moments in a fun and different format. This app is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

To download VMate, you must go to the official app stores depending on your operating system. Google Play Store for Android devices, iTunes App Store for users with iOS (iPhone and iPad). Type VMate in the search engine, and when the app appears in the list, press the Install option. Because it is a totally free app, it will not ask you for any payment information, so it will start immediately with the download process.

Wait a little while for the app to download and install on your device. If everything went well, the Vmate icon should appear in the application menu of your device. Now open it, create a user and start having fun using VMate.





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