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Have you ever wanted to know if something was available at the store without having to get in the car and drive? Or order directly from home? These problems were quite common until the arrival of the internet, which provided the tools necessary to create the shipping services and supermarket apps that many needed.

With it we can do all kinds of tasks, from searching for items to check their availability, to placing orders from the comfort of home. And what better option to solve our problems than the app of the world's largest supermarket chain, for those who still can't guess, we are talking about the Walmart App.

The shopping giant now arrives at your doorstep

As we already mentioned, the app has a myriad of options and useful tools for online shopping, making the task of going out to the supermarket a thing of the past. Within the Walmart App, users can create their account and use it to easily create their orders, check prices, and create lists for future purchases.

In addition, users can access many of their other options, such as scheduling delivery of their orders, opening registries for events such as weddings or birthdays, and getting discounts through Walmart's rewards program.

The app features a sleek and simple-to-use design, with clear and intuitive options for those trying it out for the first time. Those who use the app will find that adding or removing products from their shopping list is a simple task, thus avoiding accidentally buying goods and spending more than necessary.

The Walmart App is available for Android and iOS devices, so no matter what kind of devices you have, the app will be available so you can start taking advantage of all its benefits.

Are you a fan of options? The Walmart App is full of them

The tools don't just stop there, Walmart has designed one of the most complete shopping experiences we can find in the field, covering practically everything we can imagine when it comes to going out to the supermarket.

  • Try on your next outfit at home: the app's software allows users to choose a model or upload a photo of themselves to try on different items of clothing through the screen. The app offers a variety of exclusive brands and more than 100 types of models to try on.
  • Makeup and eyeglasses as well: as with clothing, users can try on sunglasses and makeup virtually; with a wide variety of models that cover any skin type, face shape and other facial features that may be of interest.
  • Pharmacy: organize your next visit to the pharmacy from your cell phone, whether you need to buy a prescription, refill one you already use, or get immunized with a vaccine.
  • Shipment Tracking: get live updates on the status of your order, such as its location and availability status.

We get it, you like to get out of the house

Even if you're not going to use the app to order from home, it can still take advantage of many of its functions to make the trip to the supermarket much faster and seamless, with features like "scan and go", where users can scan the QRs of products as they pick them up; or "Walmart pay" that allows you to leave your cash and cards at home, and pay directly from your cell phone.

Too many options to mention

Although I wouldn't want to mention all the options that this app has to offer, there are too many! That's why we invite you to discover for yourself all that the app has available in its catalog. Go ahead and give it a try, whether you're a shopping enthusiast or someone who just needs to keep their pantry stocked, we assure you that the Walmart App will fit your lifestyle perfectly.



  • If you have social anxiety, this is a perfect option.
  • It's convenient for those with tight schedules.
  • Discounts are available.
  • Requires internet connection to use.
  • Their customer service is not the best.
  • Depends on third party services.


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Frequently asked questions

Is it free?

Yes, users only need to create an account to start shopping.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes, Walmart takes security measures and precautions to prevent customer information from being misused.

Can I get discounts through the app?

Yes, price reductions and discounts can be found frequently on the app.


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