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IMPORTANT NOTICE: after having served for five years, YouTube Go was cancelled in 2022. Users were invited to move to the main YouTube app, which was optimized to work better on low-end devices and unstable internet connections.

We all enjoy watching free videos on the internet, from tutorials to movies. However, the characteristics of our devices or poor internet connectivity can limit our experience.

With this in mind, Google launched YouTube Go, an app designed for you to enjoy quality audiovisual content with fewer technical requirements, wherever you are.

All YouTube content, without limits

If having a stable internet connection on your cell phone is something you take for granted, let me tell you that not everyone in the world is as lucky as you.

In many countries, connectivity is still limited and mobile data extremely expensive.

That's why in 2017, Google launched the YouTube Go app as a solution to the connectivity challenges faced by users in emerging markets.

Since then, it has expanded, becoming an essential tool for those with limited internet access.

Your favorite videos, from the cloud to your cell phone

YouTube Go is a lighter version of the YouTube platform.  

The app offers an optimized user experience, allowing you to enjoy video content without interruptions and with less mobile data usage.

YouTube Go has a simple and easy-to-use interface, focusing on three key aspects: data efficiency, local storage and shared access.

With this app, you will be able to:

  • Download videos: download videos in different qualities to watch them offline when you don't have internet connection.
  • Control data usage: select the video quality before playing or downloading it, thus controlling data usage.
  • Share without internet: the app makes it easy to transfer videos to other users via Bluetooth, with no need for an internet connection.
  • Preview: you can preview the video before deciding to watch it in full or download it.

What you save in data, you lose in functionality

YouTube Go gives you access to most of YouTube's video library. However, the experience has been simplified as much as possible to make the app work properly in adverse connectivity circumstances.

This means losing access to many features that distinguish the main platform, mainly those with a social component. Below, I compare both apps so you can evaluate their convenience.

YouTube Go


Restricted access to the video catalog of the YouTube platform.

You will be able to access the entire catalog of available videos, including live videos and premium content.

No playlists, channel subscriptions or recommendations.

Playlists, channel subscriptions, personalized recommendations and more are available.

It does not allow comments or other forms of social interaction. 

You can comment on videos and rate whether you like them or not. 

Allows downloading videos for offline viewing and sharing downloaded videos via Bluetooth.

Optimal experience requires a stable internet connection.

Download limitations

YouTube Go is only available for Android devices (compatible with older versions of the operating system) and is free to download from the Google Pay Store.

Last but not least

Finally, I want to share with you some interesting aspects of the app so you can decide whether you want to download it or not.

  • YouTube Go is completely free, but access to certain content may require a subscription or in-app purchases.
  • You will see ads in the app, but far fewer than on YouTube.
  • YouTube Go doesn't have built-in parental controls, although you will be able to use your operating system's parental control features.
  • The app is safe for your device, as it is endorsed by Google, one of the world's largest and most trusted technology companies. 

In short, YouTube Go is an invaluable app for those who want to consume video content without worrying about high data usage or lack of connectivity. It is a practical and efficient solution for users in emerging markets and for anyone who wants to better control their data usage.



  • Significant data savings.
  • Ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  • Compatible with low-range devices.
  • Video sharing function without internet.
  • Only available for Android, no iOS version.
  • Doesn't have access to all YouTube content.
  • Lacks some advanced YouTube functionalities.

YouTube Go

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Frequently asked questions

Is YouTube Go available in all countries?

No, YouTube Go is only available in certain countries where connectivity and mobile data access is a challenge.

How do I share videos without internet on YouTube Go?

Videos can be shared via Bluetooth between nearby devices that also have the YouTube Go app installed.

Is YouTube Go safe for children?

The app has no parental controls included. Therefore, I recommend supplementing it with the device's parental control tools.


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