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YouTube is among the best platforms that allow subscribers to create and share content. This platform enjoys massive subscriptions with its subscribers scattered everywhere globally. Through this app, talented content creator can create content of a diverse nature including videos and audio and post on their YouTube channel. Again, YouTube forms the best platform for entertainment enthusiasts since in it, they can access the best movies, comedies, and music. YouTube is also used by corporates and business people to advertise their businesses. Due to a high number of subscribers for the audience, content creators enjoy support in terms of views that translate into money. Notably, YouTube pays handsomely its content creators.

YouTube’s Primary Role

YouTube’s main purpose is to enable its subscribers to share and also access high-quality video content. This app allows users to create channels, create top-notch content and post there for other subscribers to watch. Again, YouTube allows subscribers to watch all kinds of videos, live-streaming be it sports, movies, tutorials, and speeches. In addition to entertainment, YouTube is a special tool for learning because it consists of educative tutorials, learning materials and lectures that can be accessed for free. It is also an amazing platform for advocacy or creating awareness of critical issues in society.

YouTube’s Efficiency

YouTube is efficient primarily because of its user-friendly interface. This app is designed with an easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it easy for even people with little technological expertise. To operate YouTube, you only need to click on the app, access the search button and type the content that interests you. Immediately, a list of entertaining items is displayed, and the user is free to choose and click the content they like. Therefore, this app has a straightforward interface that allows hassle-free access to the content. Again, this App is efficient because it has a section for liking, sharing and commenting on the content. After watching the content, you are free to type your experience in the comment section. Lastly, this app has a super high speed that suits subscribers’ needs.

YouTube’s Minimum Requirements

YouTube does not impose a lot of requirements for its accessibility. Firstly, this app is compatible with iOS, android, windows, and Linux operating systems. However, iOS 11 and Android 5.0 are required to access YouTube App. Again, these devices should have sufficient storage capacity for the cache and the app itself. The user should be able to access a high-speed internet connection for an amazing performance. YouTube update itself regularly to enhance performance, security and functionality. Notably, the performance of this app varies depending on the gadget's capability.

YouTube Subscription Fee

YouTube offers both free version and premium subscription services. The free version is for trial, where subscribers are allowed to access content for free. However, this version has ads that regularly interrupt the user while watching. The premium subscription is a paid package. Subscribers are supposed to subscribe by making payments either monthly or annually. This package is free of ads and provides the best experience. The dual-tie model ensures all entertainment enthusiasts enjoy the amazing content.

Comparison with Other Similar Apps

YouTube is unique from other video-sharing platforms due to its wide user base and library. While Vimeo offers high-quality content, YouTube provides both professional productions and amateur vlogs. Although Dailymotion provides professional videos just like YouTube, YouTube has other fascinating features, for instance, a comment section that allows viewers to comment about the videos.

YouTube Missing Features or Problems

YouTube's main drawback lies in its challenge of moderating content. YouTube has been criticized for allowing some of its subscribers to post harmful and controversial contents that include pornographic films. Secondly, some users complain of issues related to privacy and data security. YouTube should address these concerns for its future growth.

Final Thoughts

Despite the few flaws, I recommend anyone who would want to enjoy high-quality entertainment content, lectures, and speeches to download and install YouTube on their phones. YouTube remains the best tool for learning, entertainment and communication.



  • YouTube has a variety of content that include gaming, speeches, news, tutorials, music and movies. These contents are made to cater for all age brackets and preferences.
  • Accessibility is another advantage of YouTube. This app can be accessed anywhere using any electronic device including desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • YouTube offers monetization opportunities for talented content creators. Musicians, tutors, actors among other professionals are allowed to post their contents and receive payments for them depending on the number of view.
  • YouTube has an endless list of entertainment contents for its users. These contents include sports, short films, and music.
  • YouTube allow users to post their content freely, freedom that leads to copyright infringement. Some users end up posting copyrighted contents without their owners’ consent.
  • Since any users is free to post content on YouTube, some end up posting inappropriate contents such as pornographic films. YouTube need to control the contents being posted online
  • YouTube monetization is not easy since there are conditions to meet. Such conditions include certain number of subscribers or watch-hours. Again, it is difficult to monetize small YouTube channels.


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Frequently asked questions

Does YouTube charge its subscribers?

YouTube does not charge content creators to past their contents or even viewers. However, to access YouTube premium, one need to make monthly or annual subscription fees.

Can talented content creators make money on YouTube?

Yes. YouTube allow talented individuals to create channel and post their contents. These posts will attract views which in turn translate into money. Therefore, content creators have an opportunity to earn a living on YouTube.

Does YouTube Protect users’ privacy

Yes. YouTube takes subscribers’ privacy very serious. This app offers setting feature that help in controlling who should watch content. These feature help content creators to exclude who should subscribe or watch given content.


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