We all want a good app to watch videos to entertain us. Videos are a great way to watch all the information that you need in a compacted form. To do this, we recommend you to download YouTube. This is an app that will help you to watch all the videos you want on your phone in an easy way, you can find a lot of genres so you won’t ever be bored. Once you download YouTube, you will get all the videos you can have.

Youtube is a big company that's under the control of Google, another giant. This platform is very popular and has a lot of years being a pioneer in the market. Most videos and popular creators started in here, getting thousands of views and comments. But, why would you have it on your phone? There are several reasons and we will explain to you everything in this post. Keep reading to know all the things you can do with YouTube and how you can get the app on your phone.

All the things you can do with YouTube on your phone

There are a bunch of things you can do with YouTube. If you only want entertainment or information, with this app you can watch all the videos you're looking for. And, if you want to be a creator, this app will help you to manage all the content you're uploading and will show you all the important information. So, let's take a look at all the things you can do once you download YouTube.

If you want YouTube to watch all the videos

If you just want to download YouTube to watch all the videos you want, then we can safely tell you that with this app you can do it easily and comfortably. Once you get the app on your phone, you will be able to link your Google account, so you will have personalized results.

To use the app and watch videos, you just have to open it and go to the search icon. Write down what you're looking for, like the title of the video, the name of a channel, a creator, a subject or genre and more. Then, it will show you all the results that are related to that search, and to watch one, you just need to tap on it.

In the viewer you will find different functions so your experience gets better, like subtitles, different video qualities, video speed, and more. At the bottom you will see the channel or creator, a brief description of the video and other information, related videos that can interest you, and finally, all the comments.

If you like one channel, you can subscribe to their content, this way you will always be notified of their videos. You can watch all your subscriptions on your feed. Also, you can find interesting videos in the section "trending" which are the most popular videos at the moment.

If you want YouTube to check your own videos

If you are a creator on YouTube, this app will also be really helpful for you. On this app you can create your channel or even check for any update.

If you want to make a video with your phone, you can do it with this app. It offers you this option or to make a stream, which is like a video live where you can talk and share with your subscribers. You can do the whole process with this app without any interruption!

You can also check your videos, how they're doing, the amount of views you're getting, the number of subscribers you have, the comments people left and so much more. You can even reply to your subscribers, see more information about your videos like a study steaks, the money you're getting from ads, and more. So, as you can see, even if it’s just the app, you can still use it to manage your account and keep control of it. If you want to download YouTube on your phone, just keep reading this post to know how to get it.

How to download Youtube right now?

If you want to download Youtube right now you have a few options to do it. The process is really simple and it will take you only a few minutes:

This app is available for Android and iOS devices and you can get it for free on the Google Play Store or at the App Store. If you have an Android device, you just need to open the store and write down the name of the app in the search bar. You will see the app in the first option, so tap on it and then you will see the download button. Tap on it and accept the terms and conditions so the process can start.

If you have an iOS device, go to the App Store and tap on the search icon, then write down the name of the app and it will show you YouTube. Then, tap on the download button and accept the terms and conditions. Once is done, the download will start and it will be on your phone in a few minutes. Also, you can follow the same steps but on iTunes, and then synchronize your mobile so the app can show up on your phone.

If you want to download YouTube right now, you can just go at the bottom of this post and tap on the download button. Then, choose your device system and it will take you to another page where you will find the right source to get the app.


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