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Many developers today have revamped the concept of the running app, exploring new ideas and ways to make the experience more refreshing and different, taking it out of the exercise environment and into a more game-oriented concept.

This is the case of Zombies, Run!, which has introduced the zombie theme through missions in which the user must run and get different supplies and resources in order to build the city of Abel —the main location of the game.

Gameplay and integration with running

The game works in a way in which the user must complete story missions through running sessions, which are accompanied by audio narrating the character's story in the main city. The missions are separated into seasons and have special segments with longer runs of 5 and 10 kilometers.

The user can also find collectibles during their outings, which allows them to access the Codex function, which tells the secret story behind the zombie apocalypse in which the game is set.

The overall experience becomes immersive as the stories are written by a group of writers and narrated with different actors to give it a heightened sense of reality, making the user really feel like they are in the game.

This experience is reinforced by elements such as Radio Abel, a segment where runners can listen to a radio station based on the game world, which serves mainly for information between missions.

In addition, they offer specific training sessions for those who want to prepare for longer races, with distances of 20 and 40 kilometers. This mode takes the user through a series of daily practices that vary in difficulty until the final day when the full distance is run.

City progress and improvements

  • As already mentioned, each race and training grant the player different types of resources that can be used to improve and make the city of Abel a more complete place for its inhabitants. The user can design it as he likes, choosing what kind of buildings and defenses to reinforce, taking into account indicators established by the game.
  • Improving the city will present the possibility of expanding it, allowing more inhabitants to live in it, this will not always be the best option since the happiness and defenses indicators will also be affected, so the player must consider when is the best time to do it.
  • Apart from the main missions, there is the possibility of performing different supply quests, which, depending on the state of the player's city, will become more or less relevant. Within these resources we can find things like medicine, fuel, ammunition, or food resources.

Tracking and sharing functions

The app also has a history of workouts cataloged with date and time, to be able to keep an easier count of both the training done, and the progress made in the game.

In addition, it contains classic elements of running apps such as a statistics log, which keeps track of the total distance run, the average time for certain distances, and other variables such as calories burned and average speed. One of the most interesting aspects is the possibility of connecting this data with the health app on the cell phone, helping to better track the hours exercised.

Zombies, Run! also allows users to create an account in the app itself, to ensure that their data is not lost even if they change phones. Another advantage of creating an account is that the user can create backups of runs and upload them to the web to share with friends or colleagues.



  • The story of the game is very well developed.
  • It is a fun way to exercise.
  • The app is completely free.
  • It has fewer tools than other running apps.
  • Premium membership is expensive.
  • The game takes up a lot of storage space.

Zombies, Run!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I increase the population of my base?

To increase the population, you need to upgrade existing houses or buy new ones.

What do VIP subscriptions include?

VIP subscriptions include offers on products, over 500 races from the game's history, and access to the app's private forum.

How do I cancel my subscription?

On iOS, you can cancel your subscription from the app settings, by selecting it in your profile. On Android you cancel from the play store.


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