Soon you will be able to pay with real money in the Google Play Store

The Android system is incredible popular and millions of people have different devices working with this system. If you have one of those, you probably are very familiar with the Google Play Store. You know how it works and all the apps and content you can find there. The catalog is massive, and a lot of this content is paid. For now, the only way to have credit on your account is through credit cards and gifts cards. But there is any other option to pay for them. However, soon you will be able to pay with real money in the Google Play Store.

This new addition to the market will be really helpful for all the people who don’t have a credit card or can’t get a gift card. So, if you are one these persons, now you will be able to put credit on your account with real money, bills and coins. This way you can pay for the apps and content on the market. It is a very simple process that will improve the accessibility of all the market. Now more people around the world would be able to get their favorite content or apps easily.

So, if you want to know more about this new feature, keep reading this post to find out all the benefits of it and how it will work.

Know all the details to pay with real money in the Google Play Store

As we mentioned, this new feature will allow more access to all the content in the store. The Google Play Store has millions of options, you can get movies, book, audiobooks, games, apps, songs and albums. It is a massive source of content, games and apps. So, it is normal that a lot of people would want to have access to all of the content they want. However, since there is a lot of restriction to get credit, the purchases are limited.

The company realize that not everybody in different countries had access to credit cards. So, the ability to buy apps and content it was limited for them. This made them think about different ways to pay for them. They tried with a format that involves real money, which is accessible for everybody. They tried this method in different countries, like India. Since it was a success they want to bring it to other countries.

With this method everyone will be able to pay easily for their apps and games. You just need to get your money and follow the instructions of the store to get it done. So, if you want to know what will be the process to do this, keep reading to find out how Google is implementing this change.

How this will work?

Once you know what you want to pay, you can go to the payment section and you will see all the options. Now you will be able to see the real money option and you can tap on it. The next step is to follow the instructions. The app will show you what store are near you where you can pay for your apps and games. You can choose the store that you want or that is closer to you. These will be the official points to do the payment.

Now, once you have selected the store for you, you will be given a code that is specific to make that transaction. This alphanumeric code will be unique and linked to your purchase. So, once you go to the store, you just have to give them the code and pay with your money. This is it! Once they mark it as paid, you will have access to your app, game or content that you had waiting for.

As you can see, it is a very simple process as if you were buying a physical good and the only thing you will need is the special code to pay for it. Once this is done, you will have access to these apps and you can start using them without any problem.

With this new feature is clear that Google wants to make their content and catalog more accessible in all the countries. It is a reality that in a lot of countries the payment form is way different than the USA. So, with this reform everybody will have easy access to pay for it. Now we just need to wait until this new feature comes to our countries to start using it, and wait for all the official payment points to be activated. It is definitely a new future for the Google Play Store.



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