The best apps in March 2020

The best apps in March 2020

This year has had many different surprises in the app market, since we saw in the top of the list new apps and games that were very popular due to the lockdown in the middle of the pandemic. For example, we saw the number one was TikTok, a social media app that features short videos. But we also see other great tools like ZOOM popping on the list. So, let’s take a look at the best apps in March 2020.

If you don’t know some of these apps, don’t worry, we will leave you a short review of each one. Also, if you haven’t try them, we really recommend you to check them out and download it easily through our post.

So, let’s take a look at the best apps in March 2020 in this list!

Top best apps in March 2020

As we mentioned, the list of this month suffered some changes due to the current situation globally with the virus. So, we saw an increase of educational apps or apps in the realm of communication. These are the top 8:

1.      TikTok

If you don’t know TikTok by now, you probably don’t use the internet so much. This app has changed social media and it is still one of the most popular apps pout there. In this app you are able to create, edit and upload short videos with effects. You can see other people’s videos, like them, comment them and interact with each other. In this app you will find videos about everything, like funny videos, art, music and even news and information.

2.      WhatsApp

This is a very recognize app and you probably use it. WhatsApp is a very popular app that allows you to communicate with other people through instant messages. You can send text, photos, videos, audios, voice notes, location, contacts, links, and even documents. Also, you can create a group or join one, and chat with different people at the same time. Definitely a great tool to communicate and share with others.

3.      ZOOM

If you need to make big video conference and talk with different people at the same time, then you really need ZOOM. This platform allows you to make big video calls where you can gather up to 100 people. This is great if you have a company or you give classes, since you can share your screen, show pictures, slides and so much more. Even if you just want to call your friends, this app has all the tools for it.

4.      Facebook

We all know Facebook and we all have an account in this platform. This big social media is extremely popular and millions of people love it. In Facebook you can do a lot of things, like upload and share content, interact with friends, join or create groups about different subjects, like pages, and so much more. Now, you can even find a new job or buy new things from people around you. A good app to stay connected with everybody.

5.      Messenger

Messenger is the instant chat app for Facebook, so you can talk with all your Facebook friends easily. This app is an extension of the chat option of the platform. It was developed as a separate app so it was only used to communicate with others, instead of having it in Facebook where you have everything else. With this app you can chat, make video calls, calling your friends, send photos, videos, documents, links and share posts that you saw on your feed. Also, now they add the stories, a section where you can see short videos of people.

6.      Instagram

Another big app is Instagram. This is currently the most popular app in the world with millions of active users daily. In this app you can upload pictures or videos, share them with your friends, interact with your friends content and like their photos. You can also see their stories, which is at the top of the app, and you can enjoy short videos or pictures of them.

7.      Netflix

One of the most popular streaming platforms got on the top of the lists since in the quarantine a lot of people were using it. If you don’t know Netflix yet, we really recommend you to download it. It is a streaming app where you can enjoy movies and series. Some of them very popular and classic, and also you have original creations from the company that are very recognized and even won awards. This is a must-have app for everybody.

8.      Snapchat

Snapchat got very popular years ago and then was in the background for a while. In March we saw it uprising fast and more people were using it again to communicate with others and have fun. In this app you can send quick pictures and short videos to friends. Also, you can follow big brands and channels that post interesting content in their stories. A good app for entertainment.

These were the top 8 best apps in March 2020. Which of these app you haven’t use? We really recommend you all of them since they are good tools to communicate with other people or are good options for entertainment.


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