Top 6 downloaded apps in January 2020

At the beginning of the year we saw different new apps getting very popular and very fast. Just the first month in, and a lot of apps like TikTok got a lot of recognition and they ended up in the first spot of the top 6 downloaded apps in Juanuary 2020. However, as we all know, there are other popular apps that still position themselves very high just because they have years on the market or are big social media apps. So, the result of this month was a mix of a few newer apps and the same traditional apps we know.

On this post we will share with you what are those apps that got trending in the first 10 top positions of the most downloaded lists. And, we will also share with you all the information about this apps just in case you haven’t heard of them or you want to know more about them.

Let’s take a look at the Top 6 most downloaded apps at the beginning of this year!

Top 6 downloaded apps in January 2020

So, here are the 6 most popular apps in the first month of the year. As we expected, TikTok got in the first place since everybody was getting on board of the new social media trend. Then we got the classic WhatsApp in the second place, and Facebook in the third one. Just a small example of very big social media apps trending all the time because everybody is using them. The fact that TikTok could surpass them is actually really impressive and talks a lot about the potential of the app.

1.      TikTok

As we already mentioned, the number 1 is TikTok. If you don’t know this app, then you probably don’t hang out too much on internet. This app is the new sensation and it got extremely popular in January. Also, as we said, it was so popular that it got in the top 1, just passing Whatsapp and Facebook, the big ones. Currently, TikTok is still a very popular app that a lot of people use to make fun and short videos about everything. You can find music, jokes, dancing, art and so much more in this app. If you don’t have it already, we really recommend you downloading it.

2.      WhatsApp

We all know WhatsApp and we all use it to communicate with other people. It is a very simple instant chat app that has years on the market, positioning as one of the most popular apps in communication. In WhatsApp you can talk with friends, family and even business accounts. You can also create groups, upload and see stories from your contacts and so much more. WhatsApp is an incredible tool because you can send images, audio, voice notes, videos, locations and even documents.

3.      Facebook

Another very well-known app and our number three is Facebook. This is one of the most popular social media platform and probably we all have an account on it. No matter how many scandals go with this app, people love it and keep downloading it. In Facebook you can upload and share content with your friends, like pages you are interested in, join groups about different subjects and even buy products from people around you or get a new job.

4.      Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform out there. It has millions of users that are active all the time, and you probably have one and know it very well. In this app you can post pictures of anything you want, personal photos or even from your brand. You can also, upload and see stories of other people, which is one of the main features of this app. This app is based on pictures and images, but people have fun uploading everything they want and sharing information with friends and others.

5.      Messenger

The next app is Messenger, which is the chat app for Facebook. If you uses Facebook regularly, then you probably already have this app. In it you are able to chat with all your Facebook friends. You can send text, images, videos, links, stickers, emojis and so much more. It is a very complete app if you want to instant chat, and it is a must-have app if you use Facebook a lot.

6.      YouTube

Finally, we have another incredible big app that everybody uses, and it is YouTube. This app is very popular and it is the most used platform to watch videos in long format. In this app you will find videos about every subject you want, like games, tutorials, music, entertainment, news and so much more. In this app you can find so many things, and if you login with your Google account, you have even more features and benefits.

Now that you know the top 6 downloaded apps in January 2020, are you missing one on your phone? All of these apps are pretty incredible and useful, so take a look at them.


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