Uninstall applications on iOS

Having a mobile device is synonymous with having to download many apps. And it is that with the large number of apps and tools that we can find in the App Store, it is very difficult to just download the basics. But this leads us in many cases to have a lot of apps that we do not use and that are only on our devices taking up space. That is why today we will show you how to uninstall apps on iOS.

Do not take it for granted that since your iPhone or iPad has a lot of storage space you can download as many apps as you want and leave them there without using them. Having many apps, and even more if they are heavy apps like games, can make our device run slow and affect battery life. That is why it is always important to uninstall the apps you do not use, so that your device works better and for longer.

How to uninstall apps on iPhone or iPad

The good news is that uninstalling an app is very simple and will not take you any time. There are mainly two methods with which you can uninstall an app on any of your iOS devices.

The first is the simplest and the most used by all, here you just have to tap on the app icon for about 2 seconds and all the apps on your screen will start shaking. When this happens, a small X will appear in the right corner of each of the apps you have, just touch the X and the app will be uninstalled.

If you want to delete more than one app you just have to touch all the X of the apps that you no longer want to have on your device and you can easily delete everything you dont use. Another option you can use to remove apps is to go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad and go to the apps section. Here you can see a list with all the apps you have installed and you can easily remove them with just tap on the uninstall option.

In the settings you can also do some other things with your apps, such as clearing the cache or clearing the data, to free up space on your device. Keep in mind that by deleting the data from an app you can lose the entire process you have done in it.

How to remove default apps on iOS

The default apps are all those apps that are automatically installed on our iPhone or iPad, such as calendar, radio, and some others. These apps cannot be uninstalled because they could cause our device to stop working properly, so they have a special lock.

But these apps take up space on the device and in some cases we have never opened them once. That is why you can deactivate the app so that it does not work in the background and you can free up some space and save battery. For this we will also go to the device settings, in the applications section. You must select the app you want and you will see the option deactivate. Thus the app will stop working and will not consume battery. Now that you have this information you can clean your device of all the apps you dont use. Uninstall the apps you dont need to improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad.