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Thanks to the power of the internet, there are no limits when it comes to buying products made on the other side of the planet.

And thanks to the AliExpress app, you can do it quickly, easily and conveniently from any mobile device.

I invite you to take a walk through the world's most recognized virtual shopping… Don't worry, it's on me!

A shopping trip around the world without leaving your home

AliExpress is part of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. 

Created in 2010, it was launched as an online marketplace aimed primarily at international consumers. Since then, AliExpress has grown to become one of the world's most popular e-commerce websites.

The AliExpress app connects you with sellers from all over the world, allowing you to shop for products in a wide variety of categories, from fashion and technology to household items.

Features you'll love

Extensive product catalog: Find products from different categories, including fashion, electronics, toys, accessories and more.

  • Offers and discounts: Enjoy exclusive offers, coupons and daily discounts on a wide range of products.
  • Ratings system: Read reviews from other shoppers and write your own based on your shopping experience.
  • Buyer protection: AliExpress offers buyer protection and money-back guarantee in case of order problems.
  • International shipping: The app offers international shipping for most products, allowing purchases from anywhere in the world.

What makes the AliExpress app unique?

This app has certain features that make it stand out from the competition, making it a perfect ally for online shopping lovers.

Some of them are:

  • Variety and diversity: AliExpress offers a wide variety of products, including options that may be difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Competitive prices: Products on AliExpress are usually cheaper than on other platforms.
  • Coupons and discounts: The app offers numerous promotions, coupons and discounts to save money on your purchases.

AliExpress vs. Amazon

The choice between the two apps will depend on your preferences and the type of products you are looking for.

Below we analyze 3 key features:




It offers a diversity of products, including items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

It also offers an extensive catalog, including proprietary products and high quality products


Competitive prices and deals on low-cost products.

Wide range of prices, from economy to premium.


Buyer protection and money-back guarantee.

Generous return policies and high quality customer service.


Available in most countries around the world.

Available in many countries, with specific websites for different regions.

Free download on all devices

The AliExpress app is compatible with most mobile devices.

You can download it from:

  • Google Play Store, for Android devices
  • Apple Store, for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

An app as complete as it is easy to use

Shopping on AliExpress is very simple. The app interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

You will be able to browse different product categories very easily, search for specific items, see personalized recommendations, analyze reviews and shop quickly and securely.

Can I buy any product on the Amazon app?

Some product categories are prohibited or restricted on AliExpress.

Products that may be banned include:

  • Replicas or imitations: Unauthorized copies of famous brands, counterfeit products or replicas.
  • Weapons and dangerous items: Firearms, bladed weapons, pyrotechnic products, self-defense devices, among others.
  • Controlled substances: Drugs, narcotics, prescription drugs, unauthorized supplements, etc.
  • Health regulated products: Medical or personal care products.
  •  Products with sensitive content: Products containing inappropriate content or that promote violence, hate, discrimination, pornography, among others.
  • Offensive or illegal material: Any material that is illegal, offensive, misleading or violates the rights of third parties.

The AliExpress app is ideal for anyone looking for a diverse, affordable and convenient online shopping experience.

If you would like to explore a wide range of products and enjoy competitive prices, AliExpress is an option worth considering.



  • Wide selection of products from different categories.
  • Competitive prices and frequent offers.
  • International shipping available on most products.
  • Shipping may be delayed can be lengthy due to international shipping.
  • Product quality may vary by seller.


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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress offers buyer protection and money-back guarantee in case of problems with orders.

How long does it take for international shipments to arrive?

Shipping time can range from several weeks to several months, depending on the country of origin and destination, as well as the shipping method selected.

Can I cancel an order on AliExpress after I have paid for it?

Yes, but it depends on the status of the order and the seller's policies. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact the seller quickly through AliExpress internal messaging.


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