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Talking about messaging apps, there's no best one unless you absolutely require one or two specific features. The best text message app for you will be the one that the people you want to text also use.

Now, have you noticed that the default SMS app on your Android device is called Messages, with two blue speech bubbles overlapping on a white background? Perhaps without realizing it, you’ve been using Google Messages. Don’t worry if you don’t remember downloading it, as it usually comes pre-installed on most Android phones.

Main Functions of the app

Google Messages is Google’s messaging app developed for its Android mobile operating systems. You can use Google Messages to do most things that you might be familiar with from other apps like WhatsApp, such as start group chats, reply to specific messages, give emoji reactions to messages, and so on. But this messaging app offers other benefits as you can see a “delivered” and “read” status on sent messages, respond to specific messages in a chain, see if someone is typing, react to messages with emojis, and much more.

If you think of something you can do in apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, the chances are that you can probably do it, or something similar, in Google Messages.

New features

Google Messages has recently added some innovative features designed to enhance the messaging experience and encourage personal expression through the app:

  • Photomojis is a tool that allows Android users to create personalized reactions from photos using Google's artificial intelligence. If, for example, a person wants to respond to a text message with a photo of himself or his pet, simply select the photo, highlight the object you want to turn into a Photomoji and press send. These creations will be saved in a special tab for reuse and, as an additional benefit, friends in group chats will also be able to use the Photomoji that has been sent.
  • Voice Moods is one of the improvements incorporated into Google Messages. The update includes nine different emotions, which allows associating a specific voice message with a mood, thus creating a more personalized and closer experience between sender and receiver.
  • Screen Effects offer animations comparable to those available on iPhone devices. This tool allows users to transform their texts into visual presentations, as typing keywords such as "it's snowing" or "I love you" triggers colorful and dynamic animations that bring the screen to life.
  • User-defined bubbles allow you to change the colors of text bubbles and backgrounds in our conversations, thus avoiding confusion and accidental sending of messages to the wrong contact.
  • Reaction Effects add a visual dynamic to interactions in the app. When replying to a text with an emoji such as the thumbs up, an animation of clapping hands surrounding the message is activated. This innovation seeks to increase interactivity in conversations and incorporates an effect for the most popular emojis on the platform.
  • Animated emojis provide a new visual and emotional dimension to text messages, because they now include visual effects -by touching an emoji, such as a heart, an animation can be activated-, allowing us to convey our feelings in a more intense and expressive way.
  • Google has also introduced a new feature called Profiles, which allows users to customize their name and photo. In fact, the main objective of this feature is  to solve the problem of interacting with unwp-signup.phped contacts, such as identifying people in situations like group chats, where unknown numbers can generate confusion.

Google Messages is a smooth and seamless messaging app which can be used in any Android device for text as well as video chatting. It supports sending and receiving multiple media formats. This app not only allows chatting with people as well as in groups, but also it allows sharing media through chats like videos, GIFs, and stickers. Besides, it can be easily integrated with other Google applications like Google Assistant to send messages through text to speech.

If you’re an Android user, I encourage you to download or update Google Messages to its latest version through the Google Play Store, to enjoy these new features that are already available in beta.



  • Enables sending and receiving texts, photos, videos, etc.
  • Comes pre-installed and is the default SMS app on most Android phones, handling basic SMS functions effectively.
  • Seamless integration with Google apps and services.
  • Constant updates.
  • Message Overload. The app may receive various SMS types, including service messages, OTPs, and marketing materials, making it challenging to manage effectively.
  • Limited User Adoption. The widespread use of Google Messages or other RCS-enabled apps among contacts might be limited, impacting its daily usability.
  • Strong competitors like WhatsApp already have a large user base, making it a challenge for Messages to gain widespread adoption.

Google Messages

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Frequently asked questions

Does Google Messages have a web browser?

Google Messages has a web browser akin to the likes of WhatsApp Web. You can use it on your PC or laptop. Navigate to the Messages by Google Website, then click on Messages for web. You’ll be presented with a QR code for you to scan. On your mobile device, tap your profile picture at the top-right corner of the screen. Select Device pairing and press the switch to QR pairing button. Then, tap the QR code scanner and use the scanner on your device to scan the QR code on your computer screen.

How do I set Google Messages as the default messaging app?

To set Google Messages as the default messaging app you should open Settings, then, press Apps, click Google Messages SMS Google Messages.

How do I change the notification settings for a specific person?

Open Google Messages, then open a conversation with the person you want to change notifications for and press More Notification Details. You can turn notifications on or off completely for this person.


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