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Motorola Mobility Company has recently announced that it will focus exclusively on the smartphone market and will leave behind any ambition to compete in the feature phone and tablet markets. The new Moto smartphones features are shaking the market. Advanced technology, seamless connectivity and impeccable performance are what make these devices a complete and satisfying mobile experience.

Moto Display App – Functionality

Moto is an app that allows us to customize our Motorola devices quickly and easily. It is a tool for smartphones and tablets of the Motorola brand to make it easy to use all the features that are included in such devices.

Everything is quick and easy

Moto Display is a useful application that provides efficiency in interacting with your phone. The app will keep you up to date without the need to turn on the screen. With Moto Display, you can check notifications, time, battery life and other information even when the screen is off. Plus, when viewing your notifications, you can easily swipe left and right.

User – Smartphone interaction

Thanks to Moto you will be able to customize the way you interact with your Motorola device. In this app you will find Moto Actions, Moto Display and more functions that will help you to make your use of the device as personal as possible. Through this app, you will be able to modify how you relate to your Motorola. A very useful tool to squeeze the most out of the use we give it. And all this thanks to:

  • a user-friendly interface for easy navigation for all users. It also offers basic accessibility features and controls to make it simple to use.
  • notifications are displayed even when the screen is off, so you stay in the know without having to do a thing.

Moto Display vs. Battery Life Impact

Moto Display has been engineered to show critical information even when your phone is asleep. Even though the display fades in and out to ensure you are notified of the important stuff, you use very little power (just a few percent of the total battery capacity). However, the latest update drains the battery.

Subtle Notifications

Moto Display was designed with your privacy in mind. Unlike other solutions, no personally identifiable information is revealed on the top-level screen.  Instead, you discreetly see the types of new notifications that are waiting for you and the time.  A preview of the top notifications is available when you interact with Moto Display. When new and significant notifications arrive when the screen is off, Moto Display will flash a simple notification to subtly draw your attention. Moto Display will not appear if the phone is:

  • In your pocket or bag
  • Face down
  • In a call

However, if you prefer not to receive too many notifications, this more detailed view can be suppressed by selecting "More privacy" in the settings menu.

Just get closer

When you get close to your phone, Moto Display will show any new notifications. To enable/disable this feature, open Moto, select the gear in the upper right, select Actions, select Zoom in for Moto Display and turn the switch on the top right to the on or off position.

In conclusion

The Moto Display app brings together features and settings that help you customize the look, sound, and behavior of your phone. Several of these features - changing the phone's layout, fonts, icon shapes, themes, and wallpapers - are only available on Motorola phones. Although it is an intuitive on-screen application, with the latest update to this app, users have started to be bombarded with multiple notifications and emails when unlocking their phones. Also, I have noticed that the battery doesn't last as long after the update.

All in all, it's an excellent display app to choose, even with some drawbacks that will surely be fixed in the next updates.



  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Shows critical information even when your phone is asleep
  • Privacy is preserved.
  • Notifications can be suppressed.
  • New notifications come up when you get close to the phone.
  • The latest update drains the battery.
  • Multiple notifications and emails when unlocking your phone.

Moto Display

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Frequently asked questions

Can I control which apps push notifications to Moto Display?

Yes. You may customize exactly which apps publish notifications on the Moto Display by going to “Select apps” in settings.

What if I don’t want people to see my notifications?

Notifications can be suppressed by selecting “More privacy” in the settings menu. To hide notification details when you are using a PIN or password lock you must go to Settings> Display > Set Select How Much Detail Shows to None.

Is Moto Display free?

Yes, Moto Display is a free app for Android devices.


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